Client Application Protocol (CAP) Description

IMPORTANT: CAP has been deprecated and is no longer being enhanced. Xsi has replaced all the functionality and more. It is highly recommended that all new applications use the Xsi. There is no specific release that the CAP interface will be removed at this time. <br/><br/> The BroadWorks Client Application Protocol (CAP) is an XML-based protocol that allows a client application to control calls, register for call notifications and monitor other users' call status, against a BroadWorks-based VoIP system. <br/><br/> CAP allows subscribers on a BroadWorks-based system to establish a session and place and receive calls and perform actions such as holding, transferring or conferencing on active calls. Subscribers can also register for other users' call status, allowing for front-desk/receptionist applications to be developed. Certain CAP messages also allows management of call center calls/queues, if call center functionality is being used over BroadWorks. <br/><br/> This section of the Xtended Developers Program will give an overview of the interface as well as documentation on the messages, message flows and the various application interface specification documents. <br/><br/> NOTE: CAP is also referred to as CAP-C in BroadWorks documentation.