CAP Specification R17.0

The Client Application Protocols (CAP-based protocols) are protocols that expose an external Call Control and monitoring interface to BroadWorks. Custom or third-party client applications can use these protocols to leverage BroadWorks call client functionality. BroadWorks uses these protocols between its back-end servers, CommPilot Call Manager, Attendant Console, and Call Center client applications.

CAP protocols are eXtensible Markup Language (XML)-based protocols. Messages are exchanged as XML documents. This provides a standard messaging interface between external applications and BroadWorks, enabling an open mechanism for any third-party application to perform Call Control actions via BroadWorks. This document is the specification of the following CAP protocols:

  • Client Application Protocol-Client (CAP-C) - Client Call Control Protocol for individual desktop clients.
  • CCC2 - Client Call Control Protocol for third-party client-server farms.
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