Migration guide for resellers

Note: this process will disable UC1 MyRoom and Chat.  Customers should be advised to save and export any MyRoom content, or chat history before the migration process.


Step 1: Obtain new Connect with Webex service packs

In Orion, order a product labeled Connect with Webex, or Connect 360 with Webex, for your specific customer you wish to migrate.  Or reach out to Provisioning@bluip.com to assist with service pack migration.

Step 2: Assign new Connect with Webex service packs

For any user with an existing UC1 service pack, simply assign the new Connect with Webex service pack on top of existing licensing:

1) Select the Connect with Webex service pack to assign

2) Click the Add> button

3) Click OK to save changes

Step 3: Confirm provisioning

Adding the Connect with Webex service pack triggers a script that removes all UC1 provisioning, and then rebuilds the Webex provisioning.  When it's complete, you should see that the UC1 service pack was automatically removed, and only the Connect with Webex pack remains:

Step 4: New client download

Direct your customer to download the new webex client, both PC and mobile, by sending them to https://www.webex.com/downloads.html/

Cisco has supplied direct links to the respective mobile app stores, which is more convenient than directing customers to search "webex app" in the store and finding the correct one from the search results.


Step 5: Sign-in

After the client has been successfully installed, direct the customer to login with the same user/pass as they used for UC1.  If this is unknown to them, follow the standard User Password reset instructions found here.

If the customer sees the following screen, open a ticket with support@bluip.com to investigate further:

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