Add International Calling To Existing Customer


The following contains detailed instructions:

  • Select OrderForms
  • Select Add International Calling

Select Customer

  1. Enter the customer name
    • Begin typing Customer Name and available customers will appear in a drop-down box
    • Select customer by clicking on the customer name
  2. Select Next

Customer Information

  1. Verify Customer Information is Correct
  2. Select Next

International Calling Instructions

  1. Select if International Calling will be required for all users (Yes or No)
  2. Select Next

Additional Information

  1. Use the provided space to include any additional information about your order

View Order

  1. Before you submit your order, you can review it by selecting View Order on the right
  1. Use the scroll bar (if necessary) to review your order
  2. Once review is complete select Close

Complete Order

  1. If after review a change is needed,  you can select the section needing changes in the View Order box to be taken directly to the screen needing updating, or
  2. You can use the Back button
  3. Once order is complete, select Save and Submit

Note: Verify the information is correct since signed documents will be sent to BluIP when order is submitted

International Long Distance Service Agreement

  1. After submitting the order an International Long Distance Service Agreement will pop up
  2. Review the information provided in the agreement for accuracy
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the form
  4. Enter signer's Title
  5. Enter signer's Full Name
    • Partners can now sign the International Long Distance Calling form on behalf of the customer, however in certain cases we may require a wet signature as well. The partner should also have a signed letter of authorization from the customer giving them the right to sign on their behalf
  6. Select Save and Submit
  1. After selecting Save and Submit the system will generate an electronically signed PDF of the International Long Distance Calling Agreement and send the order to BluIP
  2. Save the copy for your files
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