Add CNAM/Directory Listing Order To Existing Customer


  1. Login to your partner account in Orion
    • Enter Username and Password
  2. Select Login

From the Partner Account

  1. Select Order Forms
  2. Select Add CNAM/ Directory Listing Order

Select Customer

  1. Enter the Customer Name
    • Begin typing Customer Name and available customers will appear in a drop-down box
    • Select customer by clicking on the customer name
  2. Select Next

Directory Listing Information

  1. Add the Directory Listing Telephone Number (required)
  2. Verify Customer Information is correct
  3. Select Next

CNAM Information

  1. Enter Requested CNAM
    • No more than 15 characters
  2. Select Next


  1. Use the provided space to include any additional information about your order

View Order

  1. Before you submit your order, you can review it by selecting View Order on the right
  1. Once review is complete click out of the View Order box or select Close

Complete Order

  1. If after review a change is needed,  you can select the section needing changes in the View Order box to be taken directly to the screen needing updating, or
  2. You can use the Back button
  3. Once order is complete, select Save and Submit

After selecting Save and Submit you will see a pop-up notice at the bottom of the screen that says Successful Submission when order is placed successfully

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