Add Resporg Order

  1. Login to your partner account in Orion
    • Enter Username and Password
  2. Select Login

From the Partner Account

  1. Select Order Forms
  2. Select Add Resporg Order
  1. Enter the Customer Name
    • Begin typing Customer Name and available customers will appear in a drop down box
    • Select customer by clicking on the customer name
  2. Select Next
  1. Verify Customer Information is Correct
  2. Select Next

E911 Information

  1. Enter E911 information for customer
    • Items marked with an Asterisk (*) are required
  2. If no E911 is needed, select the check box to skip 911 service
  3. To complete form using existing customer information, select Use Address From Customer Information
  4. Add the E911 TN, then update any other address items
  5. When completed select Next

Enter Responsible Organization information

  1. Select Area of Service (Lower 48, USA or USA and Canada) from the drop down box (required)
  2. Select Payphone Blocking
  3. Enter Losing RESPORG Name (required)
  4. Select Requested Port Date
    • Click on the calendar icon to select the first available date or enter date directly
    • First available Port Date will be at least 7 days from today's date
    • Carefully choose the date you want the port to occur since signed documents will be sent to BluIP when order is submitted
  5. Select Next

Toll-free  Numbers

  1. Enter the toll-free numbers to port to BluIP in the box (ten digits only - no dashes or spaces; only one number per line); or
  2. Upload a CSV file of toll-free numbers to port
  1. Numbers uploaded via CSV file will populate in the box. A red box indicates an error. Some CSV files will add a blank line at the end of the file. You will need to click in the box, scroll to the bottom of the list of numbers and backspace to remove the blank line
  2. When error has been corrected select Next


  1. Use the provided space to include any additional information about your order.
  2. Select Attachments to include a CSR or bill copy with your order

View Order

  1. Before you submit your order, you can review it by selecting View Order on the right.
  1. When review is done select Close at the bottom of the screen
  1. If after review a change is needed,  you can select the section needing changes in the View Order box to be taken directly to the screen needing updating, or
  2. You can use the Back button
  3. Once order is complete, select Save and Submit

Note: Verify the date you want the port to occur since signed documents will be sent to BluIP when order is submitted

After submitting the order a Resporg Change Request will pop up

  1. Review the information provided in the Resporg Change Request for accuracy
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the form
  3. Enter signer's Title
  4. Enter signer's Full Name
    • Partners can now sign the Resporg Change Request form on behalf of the customer, however in certain cases we may require a wet signature as well. The partner should also have a signed letter of authorization from the customer giving them the right to sign on their behalf.
  5. Select Save and Submit


  1. After selecting Save and Submit the system will generate an electronically signed PDF of the Resporg Change Request and send the order to BluIP
  2. Save the copy for your files


After submitting your order a ticket will be created in Orion and you will receive an email with the ticket number

As your order progresses the ticket status will be updated and you will receive an email with the update

You can check the status of your order any time by logging into your Orion account and viewing the ticket associated to the order

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