How To - Price Adjustments


Every product within the partner's standard price list consists of a "Service" and a "Package"  

  • The "Service" is set up first and contains the product name, billing frequency, type of service and cost.
  • The "Package" is created next and mirrors the product "Service" name and billing frequency
  • The "Service(s)" is then linked to the "Package"

Prices can be adjusted at three different levels within the system:

  • Partner Level - Price applied to all Customers
  • Customer Level - "Price Plan" overrides the Partner level price
  • Package Level - "Discounted Price" overrides both the Partner and Customer level price



There are three product "Package" types that require two "Services" in order to tax properly.  They are Hosted, Fax and Trunking.  These type of "Packages" required a Dial Tone (Service) and a Base Price (Service).  The Dial Tone service is fully taxable; while the Base Price service, although taxable, is exempt from FUSF tax.

The Dial Tone is a set price.  Any price adjustments must be done on the Base Price service.   When changing the price of products with Dial Tone, DO NOT change the Dial Tone amount unless the total package price is less than the amount of the Dial Tone portion.  How to handle this situation will be explained in detail later)

The set amounts for Dial Tone are as follows (see individual packages below):

  • Dial Tone Hosted - $13.00 per month
  • Dial Tone Fax - $10.00 per month
  • Dial Tone Trunking - $10.00 per month



To add a product to your standard price list or to make a price change, send a request to the Billing Administrator.

Note:  Price changes at the Partner Level will change the pricing for every customer the service is current assigned.  Price changes at the retail level will not change your wholesale price.  A request for a wholesale price adjustment must be submitted to billing@bluip.comom


A price at the Customer level will override the Partner's standard price, effecting only packages on the customer's account.

First, go to the "Customer" account.  Price adjustments always reside on the "Customer" account (never on the "Enterprise" account).

  • Type the Customer name in the Search box located on the upper left-hand side
  • Select Enter
  • Select the Customer account by clicking on the customer name.
  • Go to  Overview
  • At the top under the heading Components, select Add
  • From the drop-down menu, select Price Plan

Price Plan will then be listed under Components

Click on Price Plan (hyperlink)

The information asked for is Optional.  You can leave all information blank.

  • Start date - When price plan takes effect.  If left blank, it takes effect immediately
  • End date - When  the price plan will stop.  If left blank, then it is continuous.
  • Threshold - The number of User Packages before the price plan becomes effective
  • Select Save (bottom right-hand side of screen).  You will now be able to add packages and adjust pricing.

Note:  Generally, all fields are left blank

The following window will appear.

In the section called PRICE PLAN PACKAGE, select Add

A list of available packages will appear.  

There are several ways to locate the package you need to add a price plan:

  • Scroll down
  • Click on the Column heading "Name" and type in all or part of the product's name in the filter
  • At the bottom of the first page select "Next" (lower left-hand corner)
  • Open a package by clicking on the package name

Adjusting a Package With Only a "Base Price"

Auto Attendant (example) has only a "base price"

  • Change the price
  • Select Save

Adjusting a Package With Both a "Base Price" and a "Dial Tone"

The "Total" price on these packages is a combination of the two services that make up the package (the "Base Price" and the "Dial Tone").

To adjust the "Total" price:

  1. Change the Base Price only.  (i.e. To change the price of the package to $35.99, increase the Basic SIP Trunk service to $25.99.  $25.99 plus the $10.00 for Dial Tone = $35.99).
  2. Do not change the Dial Tone Price, unless the total package price is to be less then the Dial Tone price. In this case, you will need to change the Base Price to $0.00 and reduce the Dial Tone Price to the total package price)
  3. Save



Prices at the Package level will affect only the price of the package you have selected.  If you have more than one of the same package, none of the other package prices will be changed.

Pricing at this level is most often used for one time charges (i.e. Shipping) because the amount changes each time it is charged.

  • On the "Customer" account, Go to the Packages tab
  • Click on the name of the package from the list.
  • On the next screen, select the Add button under COMPONENTS
  • From the drop-down menu, select Discount

On the next screen, complete the following information:

  • Discount - select Price from the drop down menu   NOTE:  A discount is a price override which can be negative or positive.
  • Service - Select the Service (if the package has Dial Tone service, do not select Dial Tone, price adjustment should occur on the product only)
  • Occur - leave blank
  • Amount - enter the price (excluding the Dial Tone amount if applicable) Note:  total price is service price + dial tone
  • Note - any information you feel necessary (internal only, does not appear on invoice)
  • Skip Prorate Period Apply Discount On Full Period Only - Check this option
  • Save


If you have a customer with multiple groups that need to have the same Price Plan, request a Price Plan Template by contacting the Billing Administrator

The following information is required to set up a template:

  • Name:  Name to Describe the Price Plan
  • Packages:  List each package,including terms if any
  • Price:  Price quoted to customer


Adding a Price Plan Template to a Customer

Once a Price Plan Template is set up, you can select the template and the pricing will automatically be filled in.

  • Go to the Customer account
  • Select Overview
  • At the top under the heading Components
  • Select Add
  • Select Price Plan

The information asked for is Optional.  Generally, all fields are left blank.

  • Start date - When price plan takes effect.  If left blank, it takes effect immediately
  • End date - When  the price plan will stop.  If left blank, then it is continuous.
  • Threshold - The number of User Packages before the price plan becomes effective
  • Select "Select Template" (bottom right-hand side of screen).

On the next screen, select the Price Plan Template by clicking on the ID

On the next screen, select Save

Templates can be modified after they are added to a customer account.

This is done the same way as done on a regular Price Plan.

Template changes on the customer will not affect the original template.

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