MiaRec User Guide

To login to the new call recording platform, enter the following URL into any web browser:


1) Enter your BroadWorks User ID (same username as Unity Agent).

2) Enter your BroadWorks User Password (same password as Unity Agent).

3) Click Sign In.

(Note: if you do not know your current PW because Unity auto saves this for you, contact Help Desk to have them reset it for you)


Once you are successfully logged in, you will see the main dashboard screen.  This will show you stats like total calls today/yesterday, recorded time, etc.

To search for recorded calls, click the Recordings tab at the top.

1) The default view is All Calls.  This will display all the recorded calls you've made/received.  

2) The Active Calls tab will show any calls you are currently engaged with.

3) The Advanced Search allows you to search for a specific call by a number of filters explained at the end of the guide.

4) This is where the recorded calls will be displayed.

1) To play the recording in your current window, press this Play button.

2) Clicking the More Details button will load a page with a lot more details on the call, as well as the text transcription of the audio.

3) You can download the recording in MP3 format by clicking the Save Audio File button.  Once the file has been downloaded, you can attach in and email to share with other people:


If you click the More Details button from #2, you will see the following new tab/window:


1) The media control options allow you to adjust the playback speed.  This can be useful if you need to review a long call.  The save audio file button from the previous page is also available on this screen.

2) The transcription of the call will be displayed here.  You can click on any of the words and the audio will begin to play from that spot.  As audio plays, the transcripted words currently being played will be highlighted in Yellow.

Returning back to the Recorded Calls search from earlier, click on Advanced Search.


1) Click the drop down menu for Select a parameter and choose a specific parameter you wish to filter the search for.  

2) For this example we will use the Date/Time parameter.

1) Click the drop down menu for Select a condition.

2) For this example we will use Between.

1) Enter the beginning date (either in YYYY/MM/DD format, or click the day on the drop down calendar.  Enter the beginning time in the next box (either in hh:mm format, or click the drop down time menu).  Enter the end date and the 3rd box, and end time in the 4th.

2) Click Run Search.

The calls that match this filtered search will appear below.  Follow the same process as before to click on / listen to / download the specific call.

You also have the ability to filter by Phone Number (either TO or FROM) as well as many other parameters.

You can even search calls based on text in the transcribed section.

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