Schedules And Greetings

Updating the time schedule

Once logged into the BroadWorks ( platform, click the Schedules link

Next, click on the Schedule 'MEETING/HOLIDAY manual changes'

Click Add

1) enter a descriptive name for this event/holiday.

2) set the start and end dates, along with the time.  If this is an all-day holiday, you can simply click the All Day Event box.

3) click OK to save changes

Updating the Auto Attendant Greetings

Click Services on the left

Click Auto Attendant

Click on the first Afterhours Holiday auto attendant (this is for Breg corporate)

Click Announcement Repository

Click Add

1) Set a descriptive name

2) Click the Choose File button and browse to the audio greeting you converted in Audacity

3) Click OK to save changes

Click Menus on the left

Click Business Hours Menu

1) Click on the drop down menu for Audio and select the audio file you just uploaded in the Announcement Repository

2) Click OK to save changes 

To set the greeting for the Omnimotion auto attendant, click on Auto Attendant at the top

Click the 2nd Afterhours Holiday auto attendant (Omnimotion).  From here follow the same steps above but load the Omni greeting in for Announcement Repository.

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