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Getting Started

Accessing web portal

MiaRec Call Recording portal uses a web-interface, which can be accessed on any standard browser over your network or over the internet. The MiaRec Call Recording portal can be found at the following URL: 

Please enter your login credentials to access the portal.


MiaRec's dashboard provides an at-a-glance overview of calls-per-day, average call duration, current active calls and other details.

Call recordings views

MiaRec supports the following call recording views as pictured:

Available views:

View Description
All Calls Displays all call recording (including active calls)
Active Calls Displays only active calls
My Calls Displays call recordings associated with the current logged in user
By User Displays call recordings, which are grouped by user and user group
Not assigned to Users Displays call recordings, which were not assigned to any users; this view is visible to administrator accounts only
By Category Displays call recordings grouped by category
Advanced Search Displays advanced search form
Playback and Download

Inline basic media player

Click on one of the call recordings in a list to display an inline basic audio player. From this screen, you can playback the recording and, optionally, download audio file.

Advanced media player

Click the “Open in new window” or “More details” button to access the detailed call information with the Advanced Media Player.

The Advanced Media Player displays an audio waveform, which presents an easy way to detect periods of silence and talk-over within the conversation.

With the Advanced Media Player, you can easily control the playback speed from x1 to x2. Speeding up will allow you to listen to the recording faster, which saves time.


Call Notes

You can add notes to call recording to save the related information. The following screenshot demonstrates notes in the inline call details view. The notes are shown on the extended call details page as well.

Notes are displayed from oldest to newest; additionally, it is possible to pin any notes on top (out of order).

Categories (Tags)

MiaRec supports user-defined categories for call recordings.

To tag recordings with category, select one or more recordings, click the “Categories” button and choose the category from the list. You can assign multiple categories to the same call. To create new or edit the existing category, click “New Category” or “Manage Categories” button correspondingly.

Note, to categorize recordings and/or create/manage categories, your user role must have appropriate permissions.

To search recordings by category, you can use the “Advanced Search” page or navigate to the “By category” page, which displayed categories pane on the left:

Call Flow Reconstruction / Multi-Segment Calls

MiaRec automatically recognizes multiple call segments of the longer interaction, for example, when a call has been transferred from one agent to another, or when a call has been put on hold, the agent made a consultative call to his/her supervisor and then resumed the initial call.

On the recordings page, you can see when the call segment is a part of longer interaction. The following screenshot shows three call segments, which belong to the same interaction.

Visualization of multi-segment calls

Each call segment is shown on a timeline. You can navigate easily to the next segment and playback it.

Supported call scenarios

MiaRec groups multiple call segment into a single interaction in the following call scenarios:

  • An inbound call is transferred from one agent to another; in this case, both parts of the call will be added to the interaction.
  • An agent puts the call on hold, makes an outbound consultative call, and then returns to their original call. In this case, all 3 calls will be added to the interaction.
  • An agent has an active call occurring, and he/she receives a second incoming call. The agent places the first call on hold and proceeds to answer the new call. The agent then returns to their original call. In this scenario, the incoming call that occurs between the hold/resume event is treated as an outside interaction. Only the 1st and the 3rd call segments will be added to the interaction.


Agent Evaluation

Agent Evaluation module provides contact center managers a tool to evaluate and monitor agent performance.


  • Evaluator should have appropriate permissions to evaluate agents
  • Agent should be assigned an Agent Evaluation license on user's profile page

To evaluate an agent, select a call recording and click "Evaluate" button in call details:

Select the evaluation form to use for this call:

Listen to the recording and answer questions in the evaluation form. Once all questions have been answered, the call will receive a score from 0 to 100 points.


To compare scores of multiple agents within a group, navigate to Reports -> Evaluation Reports -> Group Reports, select a group and date range for report.

This report shows the following statistics:

  • Average, minimum and maximum agent’s score for the period
  • Total evaluations for agent

By clicking on agent’s name in the Group Report, you can navigate to Agent’s report:

Evaluation form designer

To customize the existing evaluation form or creating new one, navigate to Administration -> Customization -> Evaluation Form Designer. Here, you can add/edit/delete sections and questions respectively:

Live Monitoring

Live monitoring

Live monitoring feature allows the authorized users (supervisors) to listen to the active calls in real-time. Such feature helps monitor customer service in real-time, train new employees, and escalate problems as soon as possible.

To start live monitoring, open call details of the corresponding call in progress, and click “Live monitor this call” button. The Live Player application should pop-up allowing you to listen to the call in-progress.

If the Live Player application doesn’t pop-up, make sure it is installed on your computer. You can download it from:



MiaRec provides a number of pre-configured reports:

  • All calls report (calls per day)
  • Tenants report (calls per tenant)
  • Group Calls report (calls per group)
  • User Calls report (calls per user)

The following screenshot demonstrates a “Group Calls” report.

Speech-to-text transcription

MiaRec Speech-to-text transcription addon feature allows users to search for keywords and phrases in call recordings, providing more insights into customer interactions and helping uncover new opportunities for improving customer service. With MiaRec Speech-to-text transcription you will be able to transform voice data into critical business asset and identify trends and root causes of customer experiences.

To search recordings using text, navigate to “Advanced Search” page and select “Transcript” from the searching criteria, type in the text to search and hit “Search” button.

Custom Fields

MiaRec supports custom fields, which may be used for storing any data, like order number, support ticket number, product name, call campaign, etc.

The custom fields may be displayed in a call list (see the screenshot below):

Additionally, customer field values are displayed in call details:

Users may use quick search or advanced search capability to find recordings by value in custom field:

Authorized users can edit custom field values on the call details page:

Role-Based Access Control

Access to MiaRec Call Recording portal is controlled by role permissions, the default supported roles are (other roles can be created if necessary):

  • Administrators  Read and Write permissions to create Administrators, Supervisors, and Users who need web access for reviewing their call recordings, along with disabling web access for any person.
  • Supervisor  Read-only permission access to the call recordings of the Users they need to monitor.
  • User  Read-only permission to their call recordings only if the user is allowed access to the portal (Default is no access to call recording portal).

The following diagram shows the user hierarchy, particularly:

  • User can be a member of one or multiple groups
  • User can be a manager of one or multiple groups
  • User is assigned exactly one role
  • User may have multiple extensions

The role is associated with a set of granted permissions. Permissions include such privileges as "Configure System", "Configure Users", "Playback call recordings", "Delete recording”, etc.

The following screenshot shows the example of permissions configuration.

Audit Trail

MiaRec provides a comprehensive, detailed audit trail solution that is designed to meet corporate and regulatory needs. Audit Trail enables organizations to verify and demonstrate adherence to security policies and compliance imperatives by providing a complete solution encompassing all data and all applications contained in MiaRec.

Every function performed by every user is logged to Audit Trail. The log message includes such data as:

  • Initiator of action
  • Date/time
  • Ip-address, from which the web portal has been accessed
  • Resource and operation that was performed by initiator, like create, update, delete
  • Additional info, like modified fields, previous and new values, etc.

Advanced search functionality allows to filter data by date, user, group or any internal data logged into message:

Additionally, when you view call details, user profile, or any other resource, you will be able to see all audit log messages associated with that object. The following screenshot shows sample call recording with the associated audit trail messages.

Change Own Password

In order to change your own password, click on your login name on the top right corner of the menu bar and select Change password from the drop-down menu.

Reset password by email

To reset your own password by email, click the “Forgot your password?” link in the login page

Provide your login name and email on the next screen. A password reset link will be emailed to you.

Note, a password reset by email may be not available for your account if:

  • Email is not configured on your user profile. Contact your system administrator to fix that.
  • A Single Sign-On is activated for your user profile, i.e. the same credentials are used to MiaRec web portal as well as Broadworks Web Portal / Metaswitch CommPortal. In this case, you need to reset the password in the corresponding portal rather than in MiaRec.

Download Printable PDF Version Here:

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