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Communications Made Effortless with BeHive!

Using BeHive, BluIP is transforming the way hospitality personnel conduct their day-to-day operations. BeHive, the newest super tool from BluIP, is a powerful application that combines high-fidelity push-to-talk (walkie-talkie), dynamic Task Management, simple to use Team Messaging, and Team Contact Management. These features are implemented to improve staff efficiency of any size organization, from small motels and B&Bs, to large schools and chain-hotels, all in one integrated platform.

At BluIP, our largest customers are in the hospitality space; and as such, we understand and have extensive knowledge in hotel management. We work very closely with industry leaders in the hospitality space to truly understand their needs and issues, and to clearly perform their work. BluIP's engineering team has integrated all that feedback into developing BeHive.



  • Built-in Push to Talk (walkie-talkie)
  • Team Management
  • Task Management
  • Voice Messaging
  • Text & Photo Messaging
  • Video Calling & Voice Conferencing
  • Integrated 911 notifications
  • Safety Check

Simple communications

  • Allows hotel employees to quickly and directly contact each other without having to use a separate device or application

Coordinated Daily Schedule

  • Allows hotel employees to store, organize, manage, and prioritize all their tasks in one central location to efficiently take down tasks.

Location Support Options

  • Provides first responders accurate location data from all users.
  • Provides easy location check in for task assignments

Management Control

  • Provides hotel managers real time monitoring of employee activity to ensure the hotel’s high standards are being met.
Getting Started & Features

The BeHive client is available for both iOS and Android. Once installed, setting up a new company is easy and can be done in 6 steps as shown below.

  1. Tap the “Sign Up” button in the Login page.
  2. Choose “Create a new company”.
  3. Enter your company information including: name, description, and logo.
  4. Create a username.
  5. Create a password with a minimum of 6 characters.
  6. Enter your personal data.

Main Tabs

After you have successfully created your company using the steps above, you will be presented with the Tasks screen.  The first thing you will notice is the clean and simple interface.  There are only four main tabs in BeHive: Tasks, Messages, Workspaces and Contacts. At the center of the tabs is the push-to-talk (walkie-talkie) function. The push-to-talk functionality is a powerful tool to instantly get the attention of your staff and communicate with them. With the same push-to-talk functionality, you can also record and share your voice message and allow your staff the opportunity to play back the message at any time. One of the many goals of BeHive is to provide the organization’s admin and staff a centralized interface with all the tools they will require to perform their daily operation  while avoiding the need to use disparate devices and multiple 3rd party applications. BeHive pulls your team together and boosts productivity by centralizing employee tasks and controlling the team’s workflow right from your iOS or Android device. See Figure 7.


Task management is among the biggest challenges the industry faces today.  In larger hotels with hundreds of staff on board, task management is critical to ensure that all the daily “to-do” list items that keep the hotel running smoothly are completed efficiently and in a timely manner to maximize customer satisfaction.  Even in smaller hotels or B&Bs, task management remains the top priority for managers.  Without the right tools, it is very easy to lose track of time and forget important tasks.  Our research shows that most organizations use separate tools just to keep ahead of task management. However, managers have found that although the common tools available in the market are strong when it comes to basic task management in creating, assigning, and setting deadlines, they fall short in other aspects, such as allowing the employees to decline tasks because of higher priorities and reassign the tasks to other personnel.  BeHive excels in task management by filling the feature gaps where other task management applications fall short.

In the Tasks tab, you can create new tasks, assign them to workspaces and individuals, add pictures, add locations and set due dates and priority levels.

Creating a Task

There are two methods for creating tasks: Quick Adding and Standard Task Creation. See Figure 1.

To Quick Add a task, simply click on the Quick Add box and enter the description for your task. After pressing the blue Done/Go button, the task will be published with no assignees and a medium priority level. To edit the parameters of a task, just tap on that task and you will be taken to the Edit Task screen. Quick adding tasks is very useful when creating many tasks in a short period of time.

To create a fleshed-out task, tap the “+” icon on the top right of the screen. This will bring up the Create Task screen where you will then be able to edit all the task’s parameters and add task locations. You can also edit the parameters of existing quick added tasks by simply tapping on them.



The Messages tab is the hub for all text, audio, and picture messaging.  This screen is a powerful tool for communicating with your team; not only with instant texting, but also real-time push-to-talk, which allows sending an audio file that team members can listen to at any time. You can even send picture messages to help convey the message.  For example, the hotel manager spots debris next to the elevators. Using BeHive, he can take a picture of the debris with his iPhone and send the picture message to one of the cleaning crew.  The cleaning person, who uses an iPod to run BeHive, can quickly see the type of debris and bring the appropriate cleaning utility to efficiently clean it.

The hotel manager can also use the push-to-talk feature to send immediate audio to a member of the cleaning crew.  As soon as the hotel manager presses the push-to-talk button, BeHive starts sending a live broadcast of his voice to the target recipient.  As soon as the hotel manager lets go of the push-to-talk button, an audio message is sent in chat.  For liability purposes, all push-to-talk conversations are recorded and saved for later playback.

Starting a Chat

Starting a chat is simple:

  1. Tap the “+” icon on the top-right corner of the Messages tab.
  2. Choose a team member in the Contacts list.
  3. Click to open private chat and start a new conversation.

New incoming messages are indicated with a round red notification to the right of the name.  The red icon remains next to the name until the message is read.  The notification icon also appears on the Messages tab and disappears only when all unread messages in chat are read.

Deleting a Chat

  1. From the Messages screen, choose the conversation you want to delete.
  2. Swipe from right to left to reveal the “Delete” icon.
  3. On the Delete Confirmation dialogue box, click on “Delete”.

At the Workspace screen is where you can create and manage groups.  The point of the workspace is to break up staff and management into individual teams.  For example, in the case of a hotel, the Housekeeping team would have their own workspace, as would the Front Desk, Concierge and Engineering. Creating separate workspaces for each team makes sharing and communication more efficient.  Rather than broadcast a message meant for the Housekeeping team to the entire hotel staff, a private message can be sent to just the Housekeeping group instead. There is no limit to the number of workspaces you can create, and there are no limits to the number of users that can be assigned to each workspace.

In a brand new company, the only workspace added by default will be Emergency.  Admins can add and customize any Workspace after the creation of the company.

Creating a Workspace

Creating a workspace is the same as creating a chat group. When you select a workspace in the “Workspaces” page, you are essentially opening a group chat.

To create a workspace:

  1. Tap “+” icon on the top bar of the “Workspaces” page. See Figure 1.
  2. Enter the workspace name and choose initials for the workspace.
  3. Add the members you would like to be in the group.
  4. Tap Create.

Deleting or Modifying a Workspace

There are two methods for accessing the Workspace modification menu:

Method 1:

  1. Swipe from right to left on the workspace you want to delete or modify.
  2. Tap the menu icon (3 horizontal dots).

Method 2:

  1. Tap the workspace that you want to delete or modify.
  2. From within the workspace, tap the menu icon on the top right (3 horizontal dots).

To delete a workspace:

  • Select Edit Workspace and click on Delete Workspace.

After accessing the modification menu, you can set a workspace as a favorite, mark safety, edit members, and mute.


Adding a workspace to your favorites allows you to quickly message that workspace after tapping the push-to-talk button.

There are two ways to add a workspace to your favorites:

  • Swipe from right to left on the workspace and tap on the gold star icon. See Figure 2.


  • Tap the menu icon at the top right of the workspace screen (3 horizontal dots) and select “Add to Favorites.”

Setting Workspace Safety

Setting the safety of a workspace sends out a notification to your team, alerting them of the team’s status.

To set the safety of a workspace:

  • Swipe from right to left on the workspace and select the blue icon with the shield. See Figure 3.

Editing Members

To add or remove members of a workspace:

  1. Access the Workspace modification menu using one of the two methods defined above.
  2. Select Members.
  3. To add a new member, select the Add Member icon located at the top right of the screen.
    • To remove a member, select the member you wish to remove and click on “Remove from Company”.

Muting a Workspace

To mute notifications from a workspace:

  1. Access the Workspace modification menu using one of the two methods defined above.
  2. Select Mute Workspace.

The Contacts screen holds all the employee contact information for the hotel.  In order to add an employee to a Workspace or be able to send a message to an employee, the employee must first be added to the Contacts screen.  In a newly created company, the Contacts screen will be blank.

Adding a Contact

  1. Tap the “Invite Member” icon on the top bar of Contacts page.
  2. Enter the email you want to send an invitation to.
  3. Choose a user role: Decide whether the new contact should be an Admin or a User.
  4. Choose which Workspaces the new contact will have access to.
  5. Tap Send Invitation.
  6. The recipient will receive the email notification below. When the recipient clicks on the Join team link to accept the invitation, the recipient is added to the list of Contacts. See Figures 1 and 2.

In the unfortunate case of an emergency, finding out which staff members are safe and which need assistance can be a daunting task, especially for larger organizations. Using the safety feature integrated in BeHive, admins can quickly log into the online dashboard, see which members have marked themselves as being either “Safe,” “Moderate Emergency,” or “Extreme Emergency,” and view their locations. It’s a quick and easy way to take company-wide roll call, which can take up to a few weeks in some disaster scenarios.

Setting Individual Safety

  1. Navigate to the main menu by either swiping left to right from the left edge of the screen or pressing the hamburger icon (3 horizontal lines) on the top left of the screen.
  2. Press on the “Safety” option.
  3. Choose your safety level. See Figure 1.
  4. If in a Moderate or Extreme Emergency, you will have the option to share your location.

Panic Devices

Personal Employee Panic Device & Alerting for added safety of all employees provides:

  • Easy One Click Button that Alerts Hotel Security.  
  • Provide employees with silent and audible personal alarms.
  • Establish immediate communications between Personnel, Dispatch and Security.
  • Broadcast warnings to entire floors and multiple teams.
  • Integrate with other applications already in use to reduce cost and improve efficiency (i.e HotSOS etc.).  

At the heart of the BeHive app is the Push-to-Talk functionality.  Push-to-Talk is perhaps the most powerful feature in the BeHive arsenal for bringing your team closer together and jumpstarting productivity. You can use PTT to start live conversations with your team members, whether they be individual members or an entire group. See Figure 1.

Instant live voice messaging is more efficient than texting in certain situations. In scenarios where security is a concern, live voice messaging can mean the difference between a safe situation and a situation that becomes a liability.

The Push-to-Talk feature works over the company’s WiFi and internet presence.  As long as BeHive has an internet connection, a hotel employee can send a voice message to another employee or group of employees, regardless of their geographic location.

When you first tap the push-to-talk button, its menu will be displayed with five similar buttons around it.  All of the buttons hold a “+” icon, which acts as a quick-access to an individual employee or an entire group. When you click on one of the five quick-access buttons, you are immediately taken to their specific Messaging page to start a conversation.  From that user’s messaging page, you can send a text message, or if you hold down the push-to-talk button, you can immediately create a live voice channel to that user. When you start speaking, the recipient will hear you talk in real-time. When you release the push-to-talk button, your recording will be instantly sent as a voice message for the recipient to play back at any time  just in case they didn’t receive or hear the original live message.


Voice Calling and Conferencing

With BeHive’s dynamic approach to communications comes voice calling and conferencing. Talk with members from an entire department/workspace all at once, or one on one over Wifi or 4G LTE. BeHive has the means to accommodate your communication needs.

Setting up a conference call with a workspace is quick and easy. Simply tap the phone icon located at the top right of the workspace’s screen. You’ll immediately send out a call to all members within that workspace.

Individual voice calling is also accessible in similar fashion. Just tap the phone icon to make a voice call with that individual. See Figure 1.

Video Calling

Along with voice calling and conferencing BeHive supports video-chat option as well, Allowing users to connect efficiently in real time with each other without the need of both to be on location. Now you can video call with an individual BeHive user over WiFi or 4G LTE. To initiate a video call just tap the camera icon on top of your chat to start a video call with that individual. See Figure 2.

Desktop Client

The BeHive experience flows seamlessly from your phone to your desktop! Start a conversation on your phone and continue managing tasks and messages when at your desk. BeHive is equipped to tackle heavy task management and swift staff communications, no matter which platform you’re on.


The BeHive application is supported on both iOS and Android devices.

The BeHive Desktop client is supported on Windows, Mac, and web browsers.


The BeHive application is now available on the Apple App store and Google Play Store.

Interested in integrating BeHive into your organization?

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