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SMS for UC1 is a feature that extends the communication power of BluIP's UC1 solution. With SMS for UC1, you can directly send text messages to any other SMS enabled device. Whether it's a phone or a tablet, the UC1 solution enables seamless communication between devices. This is particularly useful for communicating with contacts outside of your enterprise, such as customers or partners, without them needing to download or login to a guest client. SMS for UC1 allows other users to text from their mobile device just as they normally would and delivers it directly to your desktop or mobile UC1 client.

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Use Case

Previously, communicating with contacts outside of your enterprise meant having to send messages via your personal cell phone number or having to download a guest client. The former does not allow you to use and maintain your business phone number and the latter is inefficient for sending quick updates or check-ins. Now, with SMS for UC1, you no longer need to use your personal phone number to send text messages to your business clients and partners. SMS for UC1 uses the BroadSoft phone number assigned to your user account to send and receive text messages from that number. When using this feature, your personal phone number remains private and your client can contact you using your desk phone number on their local SMS enabled device.

How it Works

  • Contacts cannot be added from the UC1 Connect Mobile Client. In order to add a contact, you must use UC1 Communicator for Desktop. For more details, please see the UC1 Communicator for Desktop User Guide here.
  • From the New Contact window, enter a Display Name and IM Address for the contact. See Figure 1.
  • Click Save to add the new contact to your Contact List.
  • Click on the Search and Dial field and search for the contact you would like to message. See Figure 2.
  • Select the contact and begin typing a message from either the Desktop or Mobile client of UC1. Contacts can directly reply to the message and you will receive their replies on your UC1 Client. See Figure 3.

SMS for UC1 only supports SMS texts (Short Message Service). It does not support MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service). This means that pictures, videos, emojis, or file sharing cannot be sent through this feature.

Assigning Users

Users who have already purchased a Premium License Pack from BluIP will receive SMS Texting at no additional cost. However, an order must be placed to assign the service pack to your users. This order is a $0 fee.

New users who purchase a Premium License Pack will automatically have SMS Texting assigned to them. Alternatively, SMS Texting can be purchased as a single service pack itself.

  • Login to BroadSoft and find the user you wish to assign SMS Texting to. See Figure 1. Click Users from the main Profile Page.
  • Search for the user you would like to assign SMS Texting to. In the example below, the user is searching by Last Name. See Figure 2. Click Search and select your user.
  • Under the Advanced heading, click Assign Services. See Figure 3.
  • Under the "Available Service Packs" select SMS Texting. Once it is highlighted, click Add to move the pack into the user's active service pack. See Figure 4.


SMS for UC1 is now available.


SMS for UC1 Webinar. (SMS Webinar starts at 5:30)

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