Hybrid Key System Product Bulletin

Hybrid Key System Emulation

BluIP brings one of the most powerful features of the on-premise key system PBX to its hosted solution! Now, you can upgrade from a Key System to the latest cloud-based telephony system without having to change the way you use your telephone. With BluIP’s hybrid key system emulation, every user gets their own extension plus all the powerful features you would expect from an enterprise grade phone system including: disaster recovery, mobility, and business app integrations.

The top button on the left of every phone is programmed for your name and extension. The next set of buttons serve as programmable feature keys.

The top-right set of six keys serve as line keys. Imagine you are on a call but want to put the call on hold and pick up that call from another phone in the company. This can easily be done with line keys. Every user will have access to the six line keys. The color LEDs allow you to determine which line keys are available. Green line keys area available. Red line keys are in use. See Figure 1.

Use Case

The telephone illustration shown on the right is an example of a typical medical office. See Figure 2.

The first button from the top is designated as Doctor Joyce’s primary extension and the second button has been programmed as her secondary line extension. When Doctor Joyce is on a call with one of her patients on her primary extension, she can easily put that patient call on hold, and press her secondary extension to call another hospital to request information about the patient. She can easily switch back and forth on the two calls without having to hang up on one.

The third button is programmed as a speed dial to quickly dial the Front Desk and get patient information. Instead of remembering an extension number, a single press of a button connects Doctor Joyce to her staff up front.

Buttons 4 and 5 have been programmed to dial the two Waiting Rooms. The Waiting Rooms extension number can be programmed into every phone in the office so that any staff in the office can go to the nearest phone and call one of the waiting rooms to reach a doctor. The doctor can also page a staff from a telephone from inside one of the waiting rooms and request that they call her from another waiting room.

The last button has been programmed as a DND (Do Not Disturb) button so that the doctor can choose to silence her phone and have all calls immediately go to voicemail if she is in consultation with a patient.


Simple one-touch operation to put a call on hold and pickup that same call on any phone in the organization regardless of geographic location.

Answer an incoming call by pressing the Answer button as shown below:

Press one of the eight line keys to put that call on hold. Green line keys are available for use. Line keys lit in red already have a call holding on that line. Figure 4 below shows all six lines are blank, indicating that they area all available. Figure 5 shows that the call is held on Line 1, indicated by a flashing red LED.

Call Back Timer - By default, any call that has been holding for 60 seconds will automatically ring back to the station that originally held the call.

  • Press and hold the button labeled as Page on the LCD.
  • All the phones in the company will go off-hook on speaker to announce the page as shown in Figure 6 below.
  • Once the speaker button turns green, then you can speak your page announcement. See Figure 7.
  • After the page announcement, press the speaker button again to hang-up.
  • From any phone in the company, press the line key where the call is held.
  • If there is more than one held call, you can press and hold the line key lit in red to display the caller ID of the person on hold.
  • NOTE: As soon as you press the line key that is holding a parked call, you are immediately connected to the caller.
Programmable Feature Keys
  • All users have their own private extension and voice mail.
  • Every phone comes with five programmable keys that can be easily programmed for a variety of functions.
  • Every phone comes with six line keys to use as a parking location to hold a call.
  • Simple one-touch operation to put a call on hold and pick up that call from any telephone in the company regardless of geographic location.
  • Clear multicolor LEDs provides visual representation of all calls that are being held on the line keys.

Line Appearance (Second Directory Extension)

  • Allows you to receive another call on another line and switch back and forth the first and second caller easily.

BLF (Busy Lamp Field)

  • Monitors the call status of another extension.
  • Easy way to determine whether a specific extension is on a call

DND (Do Not Disturb)

  • When enabled, incoming calls go to voicemail

Speed Dial

  • A quick way to easily dial your most frequently called extension

Message Status

  • Message Waiting Indicator that shows how many voice mail messages you have

The sample picture below shows the optional line appearances, BLF, Message Status, Speed Dial, and DND programmed.

License and Hardware Requirements


KSE - Each user requires a KSE service, which includes the Enterprise Premium calling features plus up to six (6) preconfigured line keys. The number of line keys will equal the number of phones in the user’s group, up to a maximum of 6. Each Enterprise Premium seat includes 1 DID and 1 Voice Mail user account. See Feature Matrix for a complete list of features.

Hardware Requirements

Part Number  Description
Obi Edition VVX 450 12-line Desktop Business IP Phone with dual 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet ports. Bundled with NA power supply Line Keys – 6 programmable Line Keys. Speaker Phone – Full-Duplex Speakerphone. 4.3’ color LCD (480x272 pixel resolution). Headset Support – RJ-9. PoE – Power Over Ethernet (902.3 af). Warranty 1-Year (Limited).
Universal Power Supply for VVX 150, 250, 350, 450. NA power plug. Fixed blade.
Wall Mount Bracket for use with VVX 450.
VVX EM50 Expansion Module for use with VVX 450 phones. Side Car. Line Keys- 30 multifunctional line keys. Daisy Chain – Up to two Expansion Modules. Coming August 2019.
The Obihai OBiWiFi5G wireless adapter allows a USB-equipped device to connect to the Internet over a WiFi network. With ObiWiFi, you have the freedom to place the OBi VoIP phone adapter anywhere within range of your WiFi network. Compatible with VVX 450.

The Hybrid Key System for VVX 450 phones supports any headset that uses an RJ-9 or USB connection.


Feature VVX 450
Display 4.3' Color LCD
Resolution 480x272
Lines/Call Appearances 12
Total Programmable Keys 12
Side Car Support Yes
Keys per Side Car 30*
USB 2.0 Ports Yes
USB Storage Media Yes
Headset Support Yes
RJ9 Yes
3.5 mm Yes
WIFI (802.11n) Yes (with OBiWiFi)
Ethernet Ports and Type 2 Gigabit Ethernet
Power Over Ethernet (802.3 af) Yes

1. What is included in the Hybrid Key System License Service Pack?

  1. The Hybrid Key System includes all the service packs and individual features of the Enterprise Premium Seat minus the following:
  • 3TDENT
  • 7HuntGroup

2. Can you have other phone models including cordless in the company?

  1. Yes. You can always add and IP desk or cordless phone. However, the features specific to the Hybrid Key System are only available on the Polycom VVX 450 phones.

3. Can you add side cars to each of the phone models?

  1. Yes. You can add side cars to the VVX 450 phones. However, this feature will not be available until August 2019.

4. If you can, how many buttons on the side car and what features can be programmed on those buttons?

  1. The VVX EM50 Expansion Module is a side car that has 30 additional buttons. The VVX 450 phones support up to two max of the VVX EM50 Expansion Modules. The side cars can be programmed with Line Appearances, DND (Do Not Disturb), Speed Dial.

5. Can you transfer a call to a cell phone (blind transfer and/or supervised transfer)?

  1. Yes. The Hybrid key system supports blind transfer to internal extension and/or external phone numbers.

6. Can you establish simultaneous ring on phone and cell phone?

  1. Yes. The Hybrid Key System license pack includes the Broadworks Anywhere which will enable you to perform simultaneous ringing to desk phone and cell phone.

7. Can you establish sequential ring from phone to cell phone?

  1. Yes. The Hybrid Key System license pack includes Sequential ringing.

8. Is there an option for a wall mount kit?

  1. Yes. The wall mount kit is available from NetXUSA. Part Number: 2200-48843-001.

9. Can you use a headset with the VVX 450 phones?

  1. Yes. Headsets are supported on the VVX 450 phones.

10. Can you establish a page option to an external paging system?

  1. We only support the Algo 8180 external SIP paging device.

11. Can you set up AA to send all calls to a third party, ie night mode?

  1. Yes. The customer must purchase the Auto Attendant license. This is not part of the HKS feature pack.

12. Can a direct intercom to one extension be established without having to use the page all


  1. Yes, we can utilize the Broadsoft push-to-talk feature (OWA - one way audio) or two way audio which comes with the Hybrid Key System license pack.

13. Does the VVX 450 support Bluetooth?

  1. At this time, Bluetooth is not supported on the VVX 450 phone.

14. How do you upload photo for screen?

  1. Instructions for uploading custom wallpaper:

Wallpaper Details:

  • Dimensions: 480x272
  • Logo Safe Area: 320x272 on the left side
  • Formats: PNG, JPEG

Uploading your wallpaper:

To change wallpaper, follow these steps:

Point desktop browser to your phone’s IP address (can be found in Settings > Network on the

VVX 450 phone)

• Login with admin credentials

• From the sidebar, go to User Settings > User Preferences

• Change the value of BackgroundPicture to the URL pointing to your wallpaper.


The Hybrid Key System Emulation is now available.


Hybrid Key System Emulation Demo

Download Printable PDF Version Here:

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