Package Only Price Adjustments

Prices at the Package level will affect the price of only the package selected.  

If you have two or more of the same package (i.e. there are two line items for Basic SIP Trunks 36 Month), you will need to add the discount to each package

Pricing at this level works best for one time charges (i.e. Trunking Set-up Fee), particularly if the fee may change each time it is charged

Go to the Customer account

Select the Packages tab

  • Click on the Package name (hyperlink)
  • Select Add
  • From the drop down menu select Discount.
  • Discount - select Price from the drop down menu   NOTE:  A discount is a price override which can be negative or positive.
  • Service - Select the Service (if the package has Dial Tone service, do not select Dial Tone, price adjustment should occur on the product only)
  • Occur - leave blank
  • Amount - enter the price (excluding the Dial Tone amount if applicable)
  • Note (optional) - any information you feel necessary (internal only, does not appear on invoice)
  • Skip Prorate Period Apply Discount On Full Period Only - Check this option
  • Save

On  next window select Save again

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