Add New Toll-Free Number To Existing Customer (New)


The following contains detailed instructions:

  • Select OrderForms (left-hand sidebar)
  • Select Add New Toll-Free Number To Existing Customer

Choose customer

  • Enter the customer name (if you just enter the first few letters of the name, a drop-down list will appear and you can select from the list by clicking on the customer name)
  • Select Next

Customer Service Information

Click on the first field, enter information and tab to the next field.  You will see a list appear showing previous information entered into the field, either select one or begin typing into the field and the list will disappear.

  • Authorized User Name:  This is the person authorized to make changes on the account
  • Company Name:  Company name for this customer
  • Customer Address and City:  Address of this customer
  • Customer State:  State
  • Customer Zip:  Zip
  • Customer Floor:  Provide this information if available
  • Customer Suite:  Provide this information if available
  • Customer Building:  Provide this information if available


Order Information

  • Service Area:  Select from the drop-down menu
    • Lower 48
    • USA
    • USA and Canada

How Many Numbers are You Ordering:  Enter Quantity to be ordered

Payphone Blocking:  Select Yes or No for allowing acceptance of calls made from a pay phone.

Vanity Number Requested:  Select Yes if you want a specific number.  If any number available is sufficient, select No and BluIP will select the first available number

Complete Order

  • Save and Submit to BluIP:  Saves the order and creates a ticket in Orion.  Hosted order will be automatically provisioned in Broadsoft.  Tickets for Trunking orders will be provisioned in BroadSoft by the Provisioning Dept at BluIP.
  • Clear Form:  removes all order selections, but keeps you in the order form
  • Back: removes all order selections and either returns you to Order Forms or Select Customer


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