Add New Group To An Existing Enterprise (New)

This article instructs how to add a new hosted customer which does not already exist in the Orion billing portal.  When customer are added here, they are automatically provisioned in BroadSoft.



The following is an outline of the steps for setting up a new hosted customer.  The remainder of this document provides detailed instructions for the steps.

  • Select OrderForms (left-hand sidebar)
  • Select Add New Hosted Customer

Choose customer

  • Enter the enterprise name (if you just enter the first few letters of the name, a drop-down list will appear and you can select from the list by clicking on the enterprise name)
  • Select Next

Billing and Customer Information

Complete Billing and Customer Information:

  • Billing Start Date:  This is very important.  The system automatically defaults to today's date.  If your customer will not be going active right away, enter a billing date into the future.  For example if you set your customer in January, but don't expect them to go active until after February 1st, enter a Billing Start Date of 2/1/2019.
  • Account Name:  This will be the name of the account in Orion and BroadSoft.  This name will also appear in the upper-right hand corner of the customer's monthly invoice.
  • User First and Last name, Company Name, Customer Address, City, State, Zip:  These will be the mailing address on the customer's monthly invoice.
  • Contact Email Address: Invoices are emailed to this address.  If you don't want invoices emailed to the customer, you can enter an email address for your company.
  • Domain Address:  Required for provisioning.  You can use either the customer or your partner domain.

911 Service

  • Indicate whether any number(s) on this order required 911 service:  Select Yes or No
  • If at all possible, please provide the physical location for 911 at this time.  
  • This information must be provided at least 48 hours prior to service activation
  • If you cannot provide at this time, select "No" and email the information to


Select Packages

Use this section to place your customer's order.

  • Select the Add Packages button

Package Type

  • Select a package type from the drop-down menu (scroll down for more options)
  • Select all packages to be added by placing a check mark in the box to the right.
  • Scroll down to view more packages
  • When finished with this package "type", select the Add Selected button
  • If you forget a package, you can always select the Add Package button again to add to your list.
  • You will now see the packages you ordered.
  • You can change the quantities now, or you can wait until your order is complete
  • To change quantities, see section Adjustments to Order


  • Select Add Packages again
  • Select the package "Type" and follow the same process as above

Adjustments to Order (Quantities and Removals)

  • Adjustments can be made after entering packages for a particular order type, or after all order types have been entered.
  • On the Selected Package screen:
    • All packages are entered with a quantity of one by default.  To make changes, enter the quantity you want and press the "Enter" key (Note: If the "Enter"is not pressed, the quantity will defaults back to "1").
    • To remove a package from your list, select the red minus sign on the right-side of the package
    • If you need to add an additional package to your list select the Add Packages button again and go the the ordering process again
    • Total available to select 3 Total selected 0 - This appears when you have ordered seats.  In the example below, there are 3 DID at no charge allowed and zero have been selected

Order New DID's

Click on the Select DIDs button

Search for available DIDs or add a backorder

  • NPA:  Enter the area code for the area your customer is located
  • NXX:  Enter the (prefix) desired
  • Rate Center:  the rate center will be automatic filled in
  • A list of available DID's will appear
  • Select the numbers desired by clicking on the box to the left of the number
  • Is For Trunking:  If a number is for a trunk, place a check mark to the left of the number
  • Click on the Order button


No DID's Available

If no DIDs appear,

  • Enter the quantity of numbers you need to backorder
  • Click on the Order button


Include any information to assist in completing your order:


Complete Order

  • Save and Submit to BluIP:  Saves the order and creates a ticket in Orion.  Hosted order will be automatically provisioned in Broadsoft.  Tickets for Trunking orders will be provisioned in BroadSoft by the Provisioning Dept at BluIP.
  • Clear Form:  removes all order selections, but keeps you in the order form
  • Back: removes all order selections and either returns you to Order Forms or Select Customer


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