Credit Card Payments to BluIP (Cal State Long Beach)

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Credit Card(s) on File

  • Select the Tools tab
  • Click on "Payment Methods"

Any credit card that has been used to make a payment will be listed.  

The one listed in BOLD is the default card and will be the card that is charged.

To enter a new credit card:

  • Select the Add button in the lower right-hand side.
  • From the drop-down menu, select Credit Card

Credit Card Payment

  • Select the Tools tab
  • Select Make Payment from drop-down menu
  • Payment Type:  The default credit card will auto fill
  • Amount:  The Amount due will auto fill.
  • Deposit:  Not Required
  • CVV:  Not required
  • Automatic Disbursement:  Selected by default, leave on default setting
  • Select Make Payment button on lower right-hand side of window
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