How To - Void and Re-Run An Invoice

1. Void the current invoice

Go to Customer Account or Enterprise Account (wherever the invoices reside)

  • Select the Invoice tab
  • Place a check mark next to the invoice you want to void
  • Select Void
  • Type in a reason for voiding the invoice.  This information only appears on the system.
  • Select Save

2. Make corrections to quantities, pricing and/or Next Bill Date (activation date)

3. Set Up Bill Run

First make sure only the customer you are re-running an invoice for is the only customer within the date range you are setting the bill run up for.

  • From your top account, select the Reports tab
  • Select the Accounts Services report



Next, filter the Account Services Report as follows:  Note:  You may want to save these parameters in a view called Next Bill Date Review for future use.

Notice that by putting an exclamation point (!) in front of the information in the parameter box, it will remove those items from the view.


If any other customers appear within the date range of the "Bill Run", you will need to change the Bill Group to Non-Billable.  After the bill run has completed, you will need to change them back to "Default"

Finally, you can set up the Bill Run:

  • Select the Setup tab


  • Select Bill Run
  • Enabled - Select
  • Start billing at this date / time - set for any date and time in the past.  The system will then trigger the bill run immediately
  • Bill customers between - set to the first of the previous month, or later if there are packages billing later than the previous month
  • And - enter the date of the invoice
  • Leave all other settings as is
  • Save


Once the bill run is completed, the invoice will be available for review.

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