How To - Add SIP Trunking Customer

At this time you can only add new hosted customers to BroadSoft. For trunking customers you need to contact to obtain a paper based trunking order form.

DO NOT setup a customer account on Orion if the customer is a SIP Trunking customer.  Provisioning will setup the customer and notify the Partner when completed.  Once notified, the Partner can go into the account on Orion and order any other products needed.

  • Fill out the BluIP Trunking Order Form  and forward to  
  • Order any DID's for the new SIP Trunking customer on the BluIP Trunking Order Form, NOT through Orion.  
  • Provisioning will notify you when the SIP Trunking Customer and Enterprise account have been setup in Orion
  • You can then go into the Customer's account and order any other products needed
  • After initial set up, additional DID's can be ordered through Orion
  • If you have more than one trunk, be sure to enter a "Note" as to which trunk the DID's are to be assigned
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