Busy Lamp Field

Click Users.

1) Enter part of or the full last name of the user you wish to setup Busy Lamp Field for.

2) Click Search.

Click Client Applications on the Options pane.

Click Busy Lamp Field.

1) In the "List URI: sip:" box, type the User ID from the top left and end it with a _BLF. Ex: 0000100004_1010_BLF

2) Click Search to view a list of available users to add to your Busy Lamp Field.

3) Select the users from Available.

4) Click Add to move the users from Available to Monitored. (Note: the order matters, so if you need to adjust just click on a Monitored User and click the Move Up / Down button below)

5) Click OK to save changes.

A Reboot of the phone may be required for the Busy Lamp Field list to populate. Busy Lamp Field works best with Polycom IP phones.

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