How To - Add Agent to Partner, Assign Agent to Customer, Add Commission Rate for Agent

Add Agent Role

First you must create a Role called Agent

  • From your Partner Account:
  • Select the Setup tab
  • Select Roles
Add Agent Role
  • Select Add

Complete the following information:

  • Name:  Enter the name "Agent"
  • Default Account Creation Status: Select Enabled from the drop-down menu
  • Save

Add an Agent

  • Login to the appropriate Partner account
  • Select Account under Create New (located in the left-hand side bar)
Add an Agent

Complete the account information (see example below)

  • Account:  Enter name of agent account (Note:  including "- Agent" in the account name will help you identify agents when pulling up a list of accounts)
  • Role Filter: Enter "Agent"
  • Password:  Enter anything, this is not required
  • Credit Rating: Default
  • Bill Group:  Default
  • Billing Contact:  Enter all agent information
  • Save


  1. Under the Setup tab, scroll down to the bottom and under Commission, select Agents
  1. Select Add
  1. From the drop-down menu, select the newly created agent
  2. Save

Assign Agent to a Customer

  1. Log-on to the Customer account
  2. Select the Tools tab
  3. Under Tools and Utilities, select User Agent
Assign Agent to a Customer
  1. From the drop-down list, select the Agent
  2. Save

Adding Commission Rate

On Customer account, select the Tools tab

  1. Under Tools and Utilities, select User Agent
  2. You will now see the Agent assigned to the customer
  3. Click on the agent name
Adding Commission Rate
  1. Under Useragent Commission Detail, select Add
  1. Commission Type:  Select the Commission Type from the drop-down list (Note:  you must add all Commission Types to an Agent, even if the percentage is the same for each type)
  2. Commission Calculation Type: Select from the drop down list (Percentage or Flat
  3. Rate:  Enter the amount of the Commission Type.  (A percentage of 10% is entered as 0.10; a flat amount of 10 cents would also be entered as 0.10)
  4. Occurrences: leave blank
  5. Calculate Commission On First Invoice Only:  mark the radio button if commission is for first invoice only.
  6. Save

Adding A Note on Overview Tab to Show the Agent Name

If you want to be able to provide the Agent Name on the customer's "Overview" tab, you will need to add a Profile Question to the Customer "Role" under the Components section

  • From the Partner Account, select the Setup tab
  • In the Accounts and Roles section, select Roles
  • Select Customer
Adding A Note on Overview Tab to Show the Agent Name

Under Components select Add

From the drop-down menu, select Profile Question

Enter the following Information:

Name:  Title of your profile question

Question:  Same as Name

Data Type:  Select from drop-down list.  (for Agent, select "Text")

Selected From List:  click on radio button

Options:  Add the name of your Agents separated by a comma

Show On View Filter:  click on radio button

Save: Select

You can add new Agents to the profile question:

  • Under Components click on the wording "Profile Question" to the left of "Sales Agent"
  • In the Options box, make your changes by adding new agent, separated by commas.
  • Save
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