How To - International Long Distance (ILD) Capability Activation

In order to provide your customers with ILD capability, complete the attached form and submit to Provisioning.

ILD Service Agreement

Activating ILD Capability on a Customer

Once Provisioning activates ILD service in BroadSoft, ILD capability can be assigned to specific "users".

If you have more than one customer within an enterprise, be sure to activate the ILD capability for each user within the group allowed to dial international long distance.


On the individual Group, select Profile

Select Users

Select Search

Select a User ID

On the User Account, select Profile

In the box entitled Network Class of Service, the drop-down, provides three options:

  • Allow US
  • Allow US + Caribbean
  • Allow US + Caribbean + International

Select Allow US + Caribbean + International

Continue this process, adding additional users requiring international calling capability.

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