New Customer Ordering Sequence

1.  Order Hosted Services & Trunks - For Hosted Serivces, place the order for the new customer in Orion.  For trunking orders, use the paper based order form.  You will receive the Broadsoft credentials as soon as the order is placed.

2.  LNP (Local Number Portability) and/or Resporg [Responsible Organization (toll free #'s)] - You can then place the LNP and/or Resporg orders in Orion and provide the LNP department the signed documents to initiate the porting process. Updates will be provided by the LNP group in the Orion tickets generated when you place the LNP order in Orion.  On the day before the port we will load all of the numbers into BroadSoft.

3.  Set Up Users and Devises - You can then access Broadsoft to set up the users, devices, etc.

4.  First Invoice - Check all new customers to ensure the packages and the activation dates (Next Bill Date on Orion) are correct.  If the activation date changes, be sure to notify so corrections can be made on your wholesale invoice.  

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