How To - Commission Setup

There are two steps to setting up Commissions:

  1. Setup Commission Types
  2. Assigning Commission Types to commissionable Services

Setup Commission Types

From the Partner account:

  1. Select the Setup tab
  2. Under Commission, select Commission Type
Setup Commission Types
  1. Select Add
  1. Enter a Name you want for this Commission
  2. Select Save or Save/New if you are creating more than one Commission Type

This is a snapshot of what your Commission Type list could look like.

Assign Commission Type to Services

In order for the system to calculate commission, you need to assign the Commission Type to any Services you will be paying agent commission.

  1. From the Partner account (BluIP Cloud Services or Reveal Broadband), select the Setup tab
  2. Under the section heading Packages and Services, select Services


Assign Commission Type to Services
  1. Select the Service name you wish to be able to pay commission
  1. Under COMPONENTS, select Add
  2. Select Commission Type from the drop-down menu
  1. From the drop-down menu, select the appropriate commission type
  2. Save



  1. Save again
  2. Continue this process until you have a commission type on all services you will be paying commission.
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