How To - Commissions Payable Report (Monthly)

  • The Commissions Payable Report is generated based on payment disbursements.  
  • Transactions are added to the report only for invoices paid in full.  
  • If an agent is added to a customer after the date they were to begin receiving commissions, you need to delete any payment disbursement(s) made to invoices that the agent is due commission.  Do not delete the payment, only the payment disbursement.  Then, re-disburse the payment(s).

From  the Partner account,

  1. Select the Reports tab
  2. Under the Section Owner Reports, select Commissions Payable
  • Filter Date Added
    • Minimum:  day after previous cut of date for commissions
    • Maximum:  cut off date for end of current commission period
    • Enter

(Example:  Last Report:  Min 8/11/2015; Max 9/10/2015     Current Report:  Min 9/11/2015; Max 10/10/2015)


Export to Excel (CSV)


Remove transactions with no invoice number (these are adjustment credits).  Only exception to this is if the credits are write-offs on a canceled account)

Remove transactions with no UserService (This will be Usage, which are not commissionable)

Create Pivot Tables by selecting Insert tab and PivotTable

Select the Table/Range

Select  New Worksheet

Select OK

Build the report by selecting the Pivot Table Field (right-side of screen shot)

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