Series Completion




Click Services under the Options pane.



Click Series Completion.



Click Add.



1) for Group Name, give a descriptive name for your reference. This is not displayed on the phones screen.

2) Click Search to list the available users.

3) Select the users in the Available Users list.

4) Click Add to move the users to the Assigned Users list. Note: the order in which they appear on this list will be the order in which Broadsoft rings the lines when mimicking a legacy Key System.

5) Click OK to save changes.

Special note on Series Completion:

With a key system, one phone may have, for example, five lines. If an incoming call goes to line 1 and it is busy, the call rolls over to lines 2 through 5 in sequential order until a non-busy line is found; the calls stop at the last line in the sequence. The routing starts at the line of the incoming call and allows a roll-over to other lines as they appear in the Series Completion listing. For example, if an incoming call goes to line 3 and that line is busy, the call is routed to go to line 4, and then 5, looking for an available line.

If the Call Forwarding Always service is on, an incoming call is forwarded automatically to the phone number specified on the Call Forwarding Always page. If Call Forwarding Busy is activated, incoming calls are routed to the next available line in the order of the Series Completion listing. If Call Forwarding No Answer is activated when this service is on, after the specified number of rings, an unanswered call is forwarded to the specified phone number.

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