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1) Make note of this for each of your customers. This is the enterprise and group number that have been assigned. It's in the format of the first 5 digits are Enterprise, and the next 5 are group. (if you have multiple groups in the same enterprise, this will increase by 1. Ex: 0000100005, 0000100006, etc). If you need support in the future, having this information handy will speed up the process. You will also see in the following lessons and chapters most services/users will be built utilizing this number.

2) Set this to any number available. By default, any user or service that doesn't have a DID assigned will use this number as it's outbound caller ID. Because of this, it's a good idea to have this set to the customers main line.

3) If there will be multiple groups in this enterprise, and they want to extension dial between the groups, you should set a number here. This will allow the same extensions in multiple groups to still be able to dial each other. Ex: ext 101 in group 1 can dial ext 101 in group 2 by prefixing the location dialing code before the ext.

4) Fill in the contact info for your company or the customers technical contact.

5) Set the time zone for this customer.

6) Fill in the physical address we should use for E-911.

7) Click OK to save changes.

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