Simultaneous Ring Personal

Click Users.

1) Enter part of or the full last name of the user you wish to setup Simultaneous Ring Personal for.

2) Click Search.

Click on the first name of the user.

Click Incoming Calls on the Options pane.

Click Simultaneous Ring Personal under Advanced.

1) Check On or Off. When on, Simultaneous Ring Personal allows you to have calls to your phone number or extension also ring at other phone numbers or extensions.

2) If you checked On and you do not want numbers entered for this service to ring if you are on another phone call, check Don't ring my Simultaneous Ring phone numbers if I'm already on a call.

3) Check Answer Confirmation Required to prompt the answering party to enter a confirmation digit to complete the call. Deselect Answer Confirmation Required to disable this feature.

4) Enter up to ten phone numbers or extensions in the Phone Number / SIP-URI text boxes.

5) Click OK to save changes.

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