Meet-Me Conference Bridge




Click Resources under the Options pane.



Click Meet-Me Conference Ports under Configuration.



1) Click the Unlimited button.

2) Click OK.



Click Services under the Options pane.



Click Meet-Me Conference Bridges.



Click Add.



1) For the Conference Bridge ID, if this bridge will have a DID assigned use that. If it will be extension only use the following format: <Enterprise number><Group Number>_<Extension>. Ex: 0000100004_1003 (enterprise number is 00001, group number is 00004, extension is 1003).

2) The name field is just a descriptive term for your reference and will not be displayed to the callers.

3) Calling Line ID Last/First name. This isn't really used but required for the bridge to be added. Some on-net callers will see these fields displayed on their phones screen when they dial in, off-net callers will never see this.

4) Select the Limited To button, and enter in the total number of user you want at any given time to access this conference bridge.

5) Click Search to populate the available users.

6) Select the user(s) whom will be allowed to create their own conference bridges.

7) Click Add to move the selected users from available to assigned.

8) Click OK to save changes.



Click Addresses.



You will be returned to the Meet-Me Conference Bridges add page. Note the Phone Number and Extension are not populated. To add these fields, click the name of the conference bridge you just created.



1) If this conference bridge will have a DID assigned, click the drop down menu and choose the DID. If it will be extension only, skip this step.

2) Enter the extension of the conference bridge.

3) Click OK to save changes.

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