How To - Write-Off Customer Balance

Write-offs are a means of eliminating bad debt from the financial records of the business by removing the amount owing from Accounts Receivable.

First, ensure all payments and credits are disbursed.

Check both Customer and Enterprise accounts.


Enter the write off amount on the Customer account

  • Go to Transactions tab, Credits section
  • Select Add.

Complete the credit form as follows:

  1. Amount:  Enter the write off amount (the amount showing on the invoice(s) listed in the Open Balance Invoices section)
  2. Date:  Automatically has current date
  3. Service:  From the drop-down menu, the service you are writing off
  4. Posting Date:  Automatically has current date
  5. Detail:  The information entered here will appear on the customer's invoice
  6. Period Start:  Leave blank
  7. Period End:  Leave Blank
  8. Automatic Disbursement:  Leave unchecked
  9. Tax Exempt: Check this option
  10. Open Balance Invoices:  Select the invoice(s) you are writing off.
  11. Save
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