How To - Write Off Customer Balance

Write-offs are a means of eliminating bad debt from the financial records of a business by removing the amount owing from Accounts Receivable.

  • First, ensure all payments and credits are disbursed (Check both Customer and Enterprise accounts)

Enter the write off amount on the Customer account

  • Go to Transactions tab, Credits section
  • Select Add.

Complete the credit form as follows:

  1. Amount:  Enter the write off amount (the amount showing on the invoice(s) listed in the Open Balance Invoices section)
  2. Date:  Automatically has current date
  3. Service:  From the drop-down menu, select from the drop-down menu Adjustments and Credits
  4. Posting Date:  Automatically has current date
  5. Detail:  The information entered here will appear on the customer's invoice
  6. Period Start:  Leave blank
  7. Period End:  Leave Blank
  8. Automatic Disbursement:  Check
  9. Tax Exempt: Leave unchecked (taxes are credited based on the Service setup)
  10. Open Balance Invoices:  Do not check the invocis
  11. Save

Once the credit is saved, the account balance will be $0.00

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