How To - Reports

Standard Reports

Reports are available from any account by selecting the Reports tab.

There are two main report categories :

  1. Account Reports - specific to the current account being viewed.  These reports will reflect only activity for the current account.
  2. Owner Reports - always show data in relation to the overall owner, regardless of the current account you are on.

Each report listed under the Reports tab is a Hyperlink which will take you to that report.

Standard Reports

Modifying Reports

Each report can be filtered by any of the column headings, either by a specific filter you type into the filter box or by the hyperlinks (Sort Smallest First, Sort Biggest First), or you can Hide Column

Modifying Reports

There are also options on the upper right-hand side of the screen.  Each is a hyperlink.

View - This can be used to do a number of filter options and to hide various columns to create a new report

  1. Each column heading is listed in the View Parameters window
  2. By de-selecting a column heading, it will be hidden on the report
  3. Typing a filter in the box to the right of the column heading will create a report with just the information for that filter
  4. When filtering a column by more than one criteria, separate each item by a semi-colon and a space
  5. To filter out certain criteria, place an exclamation point in front of each criteria
  6. If you want to save this report for future use, you can enter a name for the report and hit Enter (if you don't hit enter, the report will not save).  




This report will now appear in a drop-down menu when you select View

If you select Filter Report, it will also be listedat the bottom of the View Parameters window

Filters on reports you have created can be revised at anytime, by selecting Filter Report from the View drop-down menu


Reports can be deleted at anytime from the View Parameters window by selecting Remove next to the report name

If you make revisions to a saved View, you must delete the saved view and then save the revised view again.

Exporting Reports to Excel

Select Export and from the drop-down menu, select CSV (comma delimited)

The report will be generated and you can then save as an Excel document

Exporting Reports to Excel

Printing Reports

Select print and it will create a document that can be printed to your printer or to a PDF file.

Printing Reports

Contents of Reports

Customers - Enterprise or Group Billing (Owners Report)

For a list of your customers that shows the type of billing setup - Enterprise Billing (all customers billed on one invoice residing on the Enterprise Account, delivered to one main address) or Group BIlling (invoice residing on the Customer Account, being delivered to the physical location)

From your Partner account:

  • Select Set Up tab
  • Under Accounts and Rolls, select Owners report

Under the column report's column heading Owner Parent Account Billing Type

  • Enterprise Billing = Bill Owner Using Owner Taxes
  • Group Billing = BIll Accounts


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