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Every product consists of a "Service" and a "Package".  The "Service" needs to be set up first and contains information regarding product name, billing frequency, type of service and cost.  Next is the set up of the "Package" which mirrors the product name and billing frequency and is linked to the "Service" to pull the standard pricing information.

The Package price can be adjusted at three different levels within the system:

  • Partner Level - Price applied to all Customers
  • Customer Level - "Price Plan" overrides the Partner level price
  • Package Level - "Discounted Price" overrides both the Partner and Customer level price



There are three product "Types" that require the price to be split in order to tax properly.  They are Hosted, Fax and Trunking services.  The Dial Tone (Service) and the Base Price (Service) will appear on the Package.  The Dial Tone portion is fully taxable; while the remaining Base Price, although taxable, is exempt from FUSF tax.

The Dial Tone is a set price and is based on the type of service.  When changing the price of products with Dial Tone, DO NOT change the Dial Tone amount unless the total package price is less than the amount of the Dial Tone portion.  How to handle this situation will be explained in detail later)

The set amounts for Dial Tone are as follows (see individual packages below):

  • Dial Tone Hosted - $13.00 per month
  • Dial Tone Fax - $10.00 per month
  • Dial Tone Trunking - $10.00 per month



To make a price change at the Partner Level log onto your Partner account.

Price changes at the Partner Level will change the pricing for every customer the service is current assigned.

Price changes at the retail level will not change your wholesale price.  A request for a wholesale price adjustment must be submitted to

Basic Price Adjustment [i.e. Auto Attendant or Basic Call Center Agent (no terms)]

Basic price adjustments are entered on the Service

From your Partner account:

  1. Select the Setup tab
  2. Select Services hyperlink
Basic Price Adjustment [i.e. Auto Attendant or Basic Call Center Agent (no terms)]
  1. Select the Service Name Hyperlink (the example below is a Hosted product called Basic Call Center Agent)

If the product does not have Dial Tone as part of the price, just enter the total adjusted price.  

If the product does have a Dial Tone as part of the price, you need to exclude the Dial Tone portion from the price adjustment.  (i.e. the Basic Call Center Agent sells for $$59.99, the Package consists of  two Services - Base Fee ($46.99) and Dial Tone ($13.00).  Look-up the Dial Tone portion of the price from the list provided previously. You will need this information when making a price adjustment.

  1. Enter the price adjustment in Base Fee (exclude the Dial Tone if applicable)
  2. Save

Note:  You can check the full price for those products with Dial Tone by going to Setup --> Packages. pr

Changing the Price on the Term Packages (12, 24 or 36 month)  

Price adjustments on term packages must be adjusted by adding a Discount Component to the Package

  1. Select the Setup tab
  2. Select Packages hyperlink
Changing the Price on the Term Packages (12, 24 or 36 month)  
  1. Click on the Term Package Name hyperlink (this example is a Hosted product with Dial Tone) .
  1. Notice there are two Services associated with this Package because it is a Hosted product.
    • Base Fee (on all products)
    • Dial Tone (only on Hosted, Fax and Trunking products)
  1. Select Add
  2. From the drop-down menu, select Discount
  1. Discount Type:  select "Price" from the drop-down menu
  2. Amount:  enter the price of the product (exclude Dial Tone if applicable)
  3. Save
  1. Select Save again

Notice the price of the Basic Call Center Agent 12 Month ($44.99) = the Discount price ($31.99) + the Dial Tone ($13.00)


A price at the Customer level will override the Partner level price and effect only packages on the customer's account.

Type in the Customer name in the Search box, Enter



Open the Customer's "Account" by selecting the "Account" hyperlink.  (Packages always reside on the Customer account)

Be sure you are in the Customer account, not the Enterprise account

  1. Go to the Overview tab
  2. At the top under the heading Components
  3. Select Add
  4. From the drop-down menu, select Price Plan

Price Plan will then appear as an item under Components

Select Price Plan (click on hyperlink)

Select the title Price Plan, under COMPONENTS

Complete the following information which will apply to all Packages within the Price Plan:

  1. Start date - When price plan takes effect.  If left blank, it takes effect immediately
  2. End date - When  the price plan will stop.  If left blank, then it is continuous.
  3. Threshold - The number of User Packages before the price plan becomes effective
  4. Select Save (bottom right-hand side of screen).  You will now be able to add packages and adjust pricing.

Note:  Generally, all fields are left blank

Once you select Save, the following window will appear.

In the section called PRICE PLAN PACKAGE, select Add

A list of available packages will appear.  

  1. Page down until you find your package, or
  2. Click on the Column heading "Name" and type in all or part of the product's name in the filter.

3. Open a package by clicking on the package name (hyperlink)

  1. Make adjustments to the Base Price only (includes packages with and without dial tone).  
  2. Do not change the Dial Tone Price.  (Exception - if the total price is less then the Dial Tone price, you will need to change the Base Price to $0.00 and reduce the Dial Tone Price to the total package price.).
  3. Save



Prices at the Package level will affect the price of only the package you select.  If you have two or more of the same package (i.e. there are two line items for Basic SIP Trunks 36 Month), only the one package you select will receive a price change.

Pricing at this level works best for one time charges (i.e. Trunking Set-up Fee), particularly if the fee may change each time it is charged.

  1. Go to the Packages tab on the Customer's Account
  2. Click on the name of the package from the list.


  1. Select Add
  2. From the drop down menu select Discount.
  1. Discount - select Price from the drop down menu   NOTE:  A discount is a price override which can be negative or positive.
  2. Service - Select the Service (if the package has Dial Tone service, do not select Dial Tone, price adjustment should occur on the product only)
  3. Occur - leave blank
  4. Amount - enter the price (excluding the Dial Tone amount if applicable) Note:  total price is service price + dial tone
  5. Note - any information you feel necessary (internal only, does not appear on invoice)
  6. Skip Prorate Period Apply Discount On Full Period Only - Check this option
  7. Save

On the next window complete the following (Note:  A price adjustment can be for a period of time or forever. Generally, these are left blank and the price will become effective according to item's Next Bill Date)

  1. Next Bill Date - leaving this field blank means the price becomes effective immediately
  2. Effective Date - leaving this field blank means the price becomes effective immediately
  3. Canceled Date - leaving this field blank means the price remains in effect until item is deleted from the Price Plan
  4. Save
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