How To - Order New DID's

  1. Log into the Orion portal and access the customer level account
  1. Select the tab OrderForms
  2. Click on the hyperlink "Add Package Forms"
  1. Enter the Billing Start Date
  2. On the "Order Type" select DID
  3. Select  Add Package
  1. Select the package named "Additional DID's 1-100"
  2. Select  Add Selected button to add this package to your shopping cart.
  1. Enter the quantity of DID's that you want to add to this customer.

Note:  You MUST hit the enter key after entering the quantity in order to save the quantity.

  1. Click on the Select DID's button.
  1. Enter the NPA - NXX combination you need to order
  2. From the list of available numbers, select the DID(s) that you want.  DO NOT click on the "Order" button until completing Step 13.
  3. You MUST place a check mark in the "Is For Trunking" box.
  4. If there were no numbers in the rate center (NPA - NXX) selected, enter the QUANTITY needed in the back order field.
  5. THEN click on the Order button to save the DID(s).

Note:  Back Orders will be filled as quickly as possible by our Provisioning Department.

When complete, your order should look like the screen shot below.

  1.  If your order is complete, click the "Save Order" button.

As soon as the order is placed, the system will add the numbers to BroadSoft and increase the group profile and Trunking Service packs by the number of DID's that were ordered.  You will now need to access the Group level in BroadSoft and build the trunk users and activate the DID's.

Go to BroadSoft and access the new group using your admin account.

Go to BroadSoft and access the new group using your admin account.
  1. On the left-hand channel bar select Services.
  1. Now click on the Trunk Group hyperlink.
  1. You will now see a list of the Trunks that have been set up for the customer. If you have only one trunk you will see just one listing. If you have multiple trunks then you need to select the trunk that you want to add the numbers to.
  1. On the right hand side, click on the hyperlink Trunk Group User Creation
  1. Now click on the Add Using DNs button.

You can now prepare the job that builds the trunk users.

  1. Task Name:  Name the task (Note: name can be anything, i.e. "DID order date")
  2. User ID Format:  From the drop down list select National DN
  3. Line/Port Format:  From the drop down list select National DN
  4. Move the DID's from the Available Ranges to Assign to Trunk Group
  5. Move the Enterprise Trunk Service Pack from Available Service Packs to Assigned Service Packs
  1. Once you have completed these steps so that your screen looks like the screen shot below, click the OK button at the top of window.  This will start the trunk group user creation job which will take between 5 and 10 minutes to complete.
  1. Once the job runs you will see a Completed status in BroadSoft under the Trunk Group User Creation tool.

Note:  You will need to refresh the page in order to see status change

Now, you need to activate the numbers in BroadSoft.

  1. On the left-hand channel bar select Resources
  2. Then on the right-hand side click on the Activate Numbers hyperlink.

You will now be on a screen that will show you all the activated numbers.

  1. You can sort this list to find the number you need to activate by clicking on the column heading hyperlink Activated.  The numbers that have not been activated will appear at the top of the list with no check mark.
  2. Once you find the number(s) to be activated, you need to activate it by clicking on the phone number hyperlink.
  1. Follow the screen prompts to activate the number(s).  
  2. When finished, select the OK button.

In the event you backordered DID(s)

When you place an order which includes a backorder, the system creates a ticket (see sample below) which is sent to the BluIP Provisioning Department for processing and also sends an email to notify the Partner.  

Each time a ticket is updated, the system will send an email notification.  Tickets are also available for viewing in Orion at the customer level by selecting the Tickets tab.  

Tickets remain in the account forever, however after 7 days with a status of "resolved", the ticket will be closed.  To view closed tickets, filter the Ticket list by selecting  "Ticket Status"  and filter by typing in "Resolved" in the drop-down box.

The Provisioning Department will order the DID(s) from one of our providers and add to BroadSoft.  Once the number(s) are added, the Provisioning Department will update the ticket, and the system will send the Partner an email with the DID number(s) that were added.

It is now the Partner's responsibility to configure the number(s) in BroadSoft following Steps 1 thru 18.

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