Calling Line ID Setup




Click Call Processing Policies under Advanced.



1) To use the group's name instead of the user's name, check Use group name for Calling Line Identity.

2) Select the Calling Line ID policy you want to use for the selected group:

To use the policy that you are currently defining for the group, select Use Group Calling Line ID Policy. (This open must be enabled for the changes on this page to be honored).

To use the policy defined for the service provider/enterprise, select Use Service Provider/Enterprise Calling Line ID Policy. (If this option is enabled, nothing on this page is honored).

3) Configure the calling line ID (CLID) for Non-Emergency Calls:

To use the user's phone number, select Use user phone number for Calling Line Identity. (Note: any users without an assigned DID will by default use the Group Calling Line ID. For more

information on how to set this, click Profile Page)

To use the user's customized CLID, select Use configurable CLID for Calling Line Identity. (You can set a custom CLID per user. For more information on how to set this, click Adding a User)

To use the group's phone number, select Use group phone number for Calling Line Identity.

4) Click OK to save changes.

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