How To - Create a Retail UDR History Report

Log into

Select the Reports tab

  • Select UDR History under Owner Reports (no matter where you are logged into) and you will get all customer UDR history
  • If logged onto a Customer account, select UDR History under the Account Reports to access just the data for the customer

Generating Report

There will be no data until you enter some criteria, such as date range or invoice number.

  1. For a specific Date range, select the column heading Date hyperlink.  Enter the date range for the data you want and hit "Enter".
  2. For a list of calls billed on a specific invoice, select the column heading Invoice hyperlink.  Enter the invoice number and hit "Enter".
Generating Report

Filtering Report

After the "Sort" is complete, you may want to see only calls that you were charged for.  In the Amount Rated field enter the value "0.01" in the "Min" field.

You can also enter other search criteria (i.e. Call Direction or call type (Classification))

Once you have done this hit the "Enter" key and the report will run.

Filtering Report

Exporting Report

The report is going to return multiple pages of data that you can now export to a CSV file and open with Excel.

To export the data click on the Export link located in the upper right hand corner

Choose the CSV option from the drop-down menu.

Exporting Report

If you are using IE a box will come up and ask you if you want to open or save. Choose the open option.

If you are using Chrome (shown in screen shot) then you will have a box on the lower left-hand section of the screen to open the file in Excel.

The report may take a few minutes to download and Excel will launch as soon as the download is complete.

You can now sort the results in Excel anyway you like.

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