Call Forwarding Always




Click Users.



1) Enter part of or the full last name of the user you wish to setup Call Forwarding Always for.

2) Click Search.



Click on the first name of the user.



Click Incoming Calls on the Options pane.



Click Call Forwarding Always under Basic.



1) Click "On" or "Off". When on, Call Forwarding Always forwards all your incoming calls to the phone number or extension you entered in the Calls Forward to text box.

2) Enter the destination of the number or extension. You can prefix it with feature access codes to give more functionality. For more information click Feature Access Codes.

3) The Play Ring Reminder when a call is forwarded check box causes the service to play a short ring burst at your office phone when a call is forwarded, if checked. No ring reminder is played if it is not checked.

4) Click OK to save changes.

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