Broadworks Anywhere




Click Services under the Options pane.



Click BroadWorks Anywhere under Advanced.



Click Add.



1) For BroadWorks Anywhere ID, enter the DID that will be assigned.

2) For Name, enter a descriptive name for your reference. This will not be displayed to callers.

3) For Calling Line ID Last/First Name, these fields will only be displayed when on-net callers dial the BroadWorks Anywhere number.

4) If there are multiple groups in this enterprise and you want all users enterprise wise to have access to this specific BroadWorks Anywhere service, choose Users in Enterprise. Otherwise leave it as default for Users in Group.

5) For Prompt to Confirm Calling Location, select from the following:

"Never Prompt": The portal never prompts for the calling address.

"Always Prompt": The portal always prompts for the calling address.

"Prompt If Not Available": The portal prompts for the calling address if it is not available.

Select Silent Prompt Mode to make the prompts for calling address, password, and destination address silent. The silent prompt mode is useful if the portal is expected to be accessed from

devices that use automatic dialers, for example, BroadWorks Assistant Mobile.

Select Prompt for Passcode to have the portal prompt for a password once the user is identified

6) Click OK to save changes.



You will be returned to the BroadWorks Anywhere Add page. Notice the Phone Number and Extension are blank. To set these, click on the name of the BroadWorks Anywhere you just created.



Click Addresses.



1) Click the drop down menu and choose the DID you wish to assign to the BroadWorks Anywhere service.

2) Enter the extension.

3) Click OK to save changes.

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