1. BluIP will provide a portal or paper based order forms to order telephony services for new and existing customers.
  2. BluIP will provide training and support for the portal.
  3. The partner must a clear understanding of the BluIP service offerings and of the services the customer requires prior to placing any order.
  4. The partner will be responsible for correctly ordering and configuring services and devices via the Orion portal and BroadSoft portal.
  5. The Orion portal will automatically provision hosted BroadSoft services to the BroadSoft platform allowing partners to complete the provisioning process in BroadSoft with minimal involvement of BluIP personnel. At this time SIP Trunking must be ordered via our paper based order form.
  6. In the event that a process requires involvement of the BluIP Provisioning Department, BluIP will make every attempt to complete the work within a 72 business hour timeframe. Process such as ordering and installing circuits will take longer. Processes such as SIP Trunk configuration, DID ordering, smart record configuration and fax account set up and activation generally will be completed within 72 business hours from the time the order is placed. The status of all orders hosted service orders can be tracked via the Orion portal ticketing system.
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