Abbr. Description

3PV 3rd Part Verification  !

CDR Call Detail Record

CLEC Competitive Local Exchange Carrier

CPE Customer Provided Equipment

CPNI Customer Proprietary Network Information

CRM Customer Relationship Management

CSR Customer Service Record

DID Direct Inward Dial

DSL Digital Subscriber Line

ELS Ethernet Line Service

EMP Emergency Maintenance Period

EOC Ethernet Over Copper

FOC Firm Order Confirmation (Date)

FTP File Transfer Protocol

ILEC Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier

IP Internet Protocol

LI Local Inbound

Line # Last 4-digits of telephone number

LNP Local Number Portability

LSP Local Service Provider

LOA Letter of Authorization

LSR Local Service Request

LRN Local Routing Number

MPLS Multi-Protocol Label Switching

MRC Monthly Reoccurring Charge

MSA Metropolitan Statistical Area

MSA Master Service Agreement (Sales)

MTTR Mean Time To Restore

NPA Number Plan Area (Area Code)

NRC Non-Reoccurring Charge

NXX Number Plan Exchange (3-digit prefix)

PBX Public Branch Exchange

PNMP Planned Network Maintenance Period

PON Purchase Order Number

QMOE Quest Metro Optical Ethernet

RC Rate Center

Resporg Responsible Organization (toll free #'s)

SBD Short Burst Data

SIP Session Initiation Protocol

SLA Service Level Agreement (Sales)

SLO Service Level Objectives

SMS Short Message Service (Text Messages)

TN Telephone Number

UDR User Data Record

VoIP Voice over internet protocol

UDR Universal Data Repository

USF Universal Service Fees

UUIH Universal Unique Identifier

WPA White Level Partner Agreement (Sales)


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