Shared Call Appearance




Click Users.



1) Enter part of or the full last name of the user you wish to share their line/extension with another user.

2) Click Search.



Click on the first name of the user.



Click Call Control on the Options pane.



Click Shared Call Appearance under Advanced.



Click Add.



1) Select the Identity/Device Profile Name of the phone you wish to share this users line on.

2) For the Line/Port, use the User ID from above and add a _N at the end where N is a unique number. Ex: 0000100004_1010_1 (Note: if you need to share this line on multiple phones, you would follow these steps and increase N by 1, so the next could be 0000100004_1010_2 etc).

3) Click OK to save changes.

Reboot the phone selected in #1 and it will pull down the updated config displaying this shared line.

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