Moving Numbers Between Groups




Click Resources on the Options pane.



Click Assign Numbers under Assignment.



1) Click the Delete box next to the number(s) you wish to move to a different group. Note: if the delete box is grayed out, it means the number is still assigned. It needs to be removed from the user or service before it can be moved to a new group.

2) Press OK to save changes.



Click on Enterprise at the top left corner to return to the main Enterprise page. Note: if you do not have this option, you need to contact support and upgrade to an Enterprise Admin account.



Click Groups under Basic.



1) Click Search to view all the groups in your enterprise.

2) Click on the Group ID you wish to move the number to.



Click Resources.



Click Assign Numbers.



Click Add.



1) Click the number(s) in Available Range(s) to select them.

2) Click Add to move them into the Available Phone Number(s) box.

3) Click Add All >> to move the number(s) to the Assign to Group box.

4) Click OK to save changes.

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