Call Forwarding Selective

Click Users.

1) Enter part of or the full last name of the user you wish to setup Call Forwarding Selective for.

2) Click Search.

Click on the first name of the user.

Click Incoming Calls on the Options pane.

Click Call Forwarding Selective under Advanced.

1) In the Default Call Forward to phone number/SIP-URL: text box, type in the default number or extension you want to have your calls forwarded to. You can prefix it with feature access codes to give more functionality. For more information click Feature Access Codes.

2) Click Apply to save the settings and remain on this page.

Click Add.

1) In the Description text box, type a name describing this entry. This will not be seen by callers.

2) For Forward to:

Select Use Default Forward phone number / SIP-URI to have all incoming calls that match the criteria set on this page forwarded to your default forwarding number.

Select Forward to another phone number / SIP-URI to instead forward calls to the number you specify in the input field provided.

Select Do not forward if you do not want to forward the calls.

3) Click the drop down menu for either Time Schedule or Holiday Schedule to choose when this Call Forwarding Selective service should be active. If both are set to None, you need to first create schedules. For more information click Time Schedules.

4) Select one of the following:

If you want all calls you receive to be forwarded to your forwarding number, check Any phone number.

To forward only a selected group of phone numbers, check Following phone numbers and:

Check Any private number to have all calls from private numbers forwarded directly to your forwarding number.

Check Any unavailable number to have all calls from unavailable numbers forwarded to your forwarding number.

If you want one or more specific phone numbers to be forwarded to your forwarding number, enter the numbers in the Specific phone numbers boxes.

If you want to specify more than 12 numbers to be forwarded, you need to add another Call Forwarding Selective entry.

NOTE: You can use wild cards. The "?" is a wild card that can replace a single digit anywhere in a digit string. A trailing "*" represents a digit string and can appear only at the end of a

group of digits and "?" wild cards.

Examples: 45055512?4, 450555??34, 4505?5*

5) Click OK to save changes.

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