Instant Group Call




Click Services under the Options pane.



Click Instant Group Call.



Click Add.



1) For Instant Group Call ID, use the following format: <Enterprise number><Group Number>_<Extension>. Ex: 0000100004_1005 (enterprise number is 00001, group number is 00004, extension is 1005).

2) The Name field is a descriptive field for your reference. This will not be displayed on the phones screen.

3) Calling Line ID Last/First Name fields will be the name displayed on the phones of the users receiving the instant group call.

4) Check Enable Maximum Call Time for Unanswered Calls if you wish to have a group call terminate if not answered.

5) Type the number of minutes in the input box.

6) Enter the extension(s) of the users whom will receive the instant group call.

7) Click OK to save changes.



You will be brought back to the Instant Group Call Add page. Notice the Phone Number and Extension are blank. To set these, click on the name of the Instant Group Call you just created.



Click Addresses.



1) Use the drop down menu to select a DID if you want to assign one to the instant group call. This is not typical, as most setups would not require exposing instant group call options to the outside world.

2) Set the extension of the instant group call.

3) Click OK to save changes.

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