Hoteling Host




Click Users.



1) Enter part of or the full last name of the user you wish to setup Hoteling Host for.

2) Click Search.



Click on the first name of the Host.



Click Call Control on the Options pane.



Click Hoteling Host under Advanced.



1) Activate or de-activate this phone device as a host. Click On or Off. When this service is on your phone device can be used as a Hoteling Host. If someone is using your phone device as a Hoteling Guest, information on that user is displayed in the Associated Guest area below. When this service is turned off, your phone device cannot be used as a Hoteling Host.

2) To select a time limit, select the Enforce Association Limit check box and enter the amount of time in the Hours text box.

3) If there are multiple groups in this enterprise, and you want this Host to be accessed by guests in another group, select Enterprise. Otherwise, select Group.

4) Click OK to save settings. The phone assigned to this user will now be open to accept guests.

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