Hoteling Guest




Click Users.



1) Enter part of or the full last name of the user you wish to setup Hoteling Guest for.

2) Click Search.



Click on the first name of the user.



Click Call Control on the Options pane.



Click Hoteling Guest under Advanced.



1) To enable this users line/extension to work on a host phone, click On.

2) This must be set to a number equal or less than the Hosts limit you wish to connect. For more information click Hoteling Host.

3) Click search to display the available Hosts in your group.

4) Click the Host you wish to associated this users line/extension on.

5) Click Add to move the Host from Available to Associated.

6) Click OK to save changes. This users line/extension will now ring on the host phone. Outbound calls from this host phone will show as a call from this user.

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