Feature Access Codes




Click Utilities under the Options pane.



Click Feature Access Codes.



1) In the Speed Dial 100 Prefix text box, enter up to two characters to use as the prefix. Valid characters include the numbers from 0 through 9 and the special characters * and #.

2) For Use FAC Codes, select Service Provider FAC codes or Group FAC codes.

If you select the service provider feature access codes, the feature access codes cannot be changed.

If you select the group feature access codes, you are allowed to modify the feature access codes for your group. The group feature access codes are initially populated with service provider

values as default values.

WARNING: When you switch from the group feature access codes to service provider feature access codes, any unsaved changes are lost.

3) The Feature Access Code Name will correspond to the Main code (or Alternate if you've set this up).

4) These are the Main codes (system default).

5) These are the Alternate codes (if needed).

For a complete description of what each access code does, click the Help link at the top right corner of the page.

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