Custom Phone Config




Click Utilities under the Options pane.



Click Configure Device under Advanced.



The Configure Device page will load a list of all the different devices you have built for this group. Depending on how many models of phones are deployed, you may have a short or long list. Click on the Identity/Device Profile Type you want to make config changes to.



Click the Files tab.



Depending on the device model, you will see a different number of File Format selections. For the Polycom phones, click the version with starts with BWDEVICE and the ending numbers are the current firmware load of the phone. For devices other than polycom, check for the File Format that ends in xml or cfg as opposed to bin or log.



1) Click Custom.

2) Click the Choose File button and browse to the custom config file on your computer.

3) Click the Rebuild the files link to push the custom config to our DMS file server.

4) Click the Reset the phones link to initialize a reboot when idle of all devices in this model. (Note: this may not work depending on the firewall setup. You may still need to manually reboot the phones if this doesn't work).

5) Click OK.

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