How To - Cancel Packages

Warning:  Two packages are added by the system when a new customer is created - "Broadworks Group" and"RetailRates".  NEVER delete these two packages.  They are required to link Orion to BroadSoft or provisioning and linking your price list the the package for pricing.

Canceling a package removes the package from billing, but does not remove packages that have already been billed.  Call billing support if you need to correct a package already invoiced.

To cancel a Package:

  • Login to the Customer Account
  • Select the Packages tab
  • Select the package you want to cancel by clicking the box to the left of the package
  • Click on the Status button
  • From the drop-down menu, select Cancel
  • Select Save
  1. The usual selection is Immediately With No Transactions (this is because we bill monthly, require 30 days notice to cancel and do not offer partial month credits))
  2. Select Save


Because there is a default filter on the package Status column (see the funnel next to the column heading), the canceled package will disappear from the list of Packages.  

To see canceled packages:

  1. Remove the Status filter by clicking on the column heading Status.
  2. Remove the status filters Active and Prospect from the filter box and hit "Enter".  All packages and their status will now be listed.  
  3. Or, to see only canceled packages, type in Canceled in the Filter box and hit "Enter".

All canceled packages will have a date in the Canceled Date column.

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