Broadworks Anywhere - User Level




Click Users.



1) Enter part of or the full last name of the user you wish to setup BroadWorks Anywhere for.

2) Click Search.



Click on the first name of the user.



Click Call Control on the Options pane.



Click BroadWorks Anywhere under Advanced.



Click Add.



1) Type the phone number to be used as the BroadWorks Anywhere location.

2) The description should allow you to understand, at a glance, why you have specified this phone number. Click on the text box and type the description.

3) The following Advanced options are not required, but can enhance the users functionality:

Enable Diversion Inhibitor: This attribute enables a diversion inhibitor when extending a call leg to the BroadWorks Anywhere location.

Require Answer Confirmation: This attribute determines if the Application Server needs to prompt for an answer confirmation when a call leg extended to the BroadWorks Anywhere location is

answered by the user. (Note: enabling this option is recommended).

Use BroadWorks-based Call Control Services: This attribute determines whether call control is to be performed by the BroadWorks Anywhere location device or by BroadWorks.

4) Press OK to save changes.

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