How To - Add Non-BluIP Products to Orion

Orion can be used to invoice for your company specific products, like services and hardware.

New Products are created at the Partner Level and are available to any of your customers at the price stipulated.  

  • There are three steps to creating a new product:
    1. Create a Service which contains the price and tax information
    2. Create a Package which contains the description appearing on the invoice.  
    3. Link the Service(s) to the Package. A package may contain more than one service if say the package consists of both a monthly charge and a one-time charge, or if the package contains a dial tone component which is taxed at a different rate from the rest of the package.

It is recommended that you contact before adding any new items.  

Creating A New Service

  • At the Partner level, go to the Setup tab
  • Go to the Packages and Services section
  • Select Services
Creating A New Service

Select Add (Scroll screen shot to see bottom right-hand corner)

Required fields are outlined in RED

Complete the following information:      

  1. Name - Product Description
  2. Description - Same as Name (not required)
  3. SKU - Same as Name (not required)
  4. Base Frequency - 1
  5. Base Unit - Select from the drop-down menu  (Once = Billed Once [Non Reoccurring (NRC); Monthly = Billed Monthly (MRC)]  Note:  If you need to bill other than one time or monthly, contact
  6. Type:  Select from the drop-down menu.  (If another 'Type' is needed, see How To - Add Service Types)
  7. Base Fee - Enter the product's sales price.  If the price will vary, enter zero (0.00).  When Base Fees are entered as $0.00, the price can be changed at either the Customer Level, or on the specific package on an individual customer (See How To - Price Adjustments)
  8. Invoice Identifier - not required
  9. Billing Period Type - Select Default from drop-dow menu
  10. Show On Ticket Transaction - leave unchecked
  11. Save

Note:  After completing Step 12, you must create the Package (see How To - Add Packages)

Adding a SureTax Category to the Service

If you are utilizing SureTax, and the service you are adding is taxable, you will need to add a SureTax Tax Category to the service.

This is a partial list of available tax categories.  Although these are the categories used most often, there are many more that could apply.  Please contact for assistance with tax categories.

Adding a SureTax Category to the Service

From the SERVICES list, select the newly created Service by hovering over and clicking the Service Name (once you hover over the name, it becomes a hyperlink)

A new window opens.

In the following example, the new product is hardware (sold, not leased) and requires sales tax, so the tax category will be General Sales.

  1. Go to the Components Section
  2. Select Add
  3. From the drop-down menu, select Service Tax Category;

On the next screen:

  1. Service Tax Category:  Select the appropriate Service Tax Category from the drop-down menu (Hint: if you begin typing the category, it will bring it up in the drop-down menu)
  2. Select Save

Next, create a Package

Creating a New Package

  • At the Partner level, go to the Setup tab
  • Go to the Packages and Services section
  • Select Packages
Creating a New Package

Select Add

Required fields are outlined in RED

Complete the following information:

  1. Name:  Generally, the Package name is the same name you used for the Service name.  There can be exceptions.  If you have questions, please call.
  2. SKU:  Generally, the SKU is the same name you used for the Package name.
  3. Description:  Generally not used. This area is information only.  Does not appear on the invoice.
  4. Bill Frequency: Always number one (1).
  5. Base Unit:  Select from drop-down menu.  Must be same as Service.  Month =  services billed every month, Once = services billed one time.  If you have both a monthly and a one time service attached to the package, select Month.
  6. All Remaining Fields:  leave blank.
  7. Save

Linking the Package and Services

You will now see the package you just created on the PACKAGES list.  The price is $0.00 because we have not yet linked the package to the service, which contains the pricing and taxation information.

  • Click on the page name (once you hover over the name it becomes a hyperlink)
Linking the Package and Services

On the next screen, you will see a section at the bottom called SERVICES.  Here we will assign the service(s) that make up this Package.

Select the Add button

Required fields are outlined in RED

  • Service:  Select the appropriate service name from the drop-down menu
  • Invoice Identifier:  leave blank
  • Save

You will now see the Service listed.

Select Save to save the Package with the Service attached.

The new package is now listed with the rest of the Packages and available for ordering from the Order Forms.

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